Why I Decided To Blog Everyday For A Month

At the beginning of the year I sat down with a Google spreadsheet (forgive me Paperchase, for I have sinned) and I wrote down everything that I wanted to achieve with this blog.

It wasn’t until I had finished typing and looked back at my handiwork, that I realised that not a single one of them was about what I wanted to achieve with this blog. I mean technically, that’s a lie because there was one; a reminder to run a 404 check because I changed my permalinking structure recently and wanted to ensure that everything had redirected well. But everything else was about content.

I had racked my brain about everything that I wanted to do with this space on the internet and the only thing I had any interest in was making a list of what stories I wanted to tell next. Which when put on a spreadsheet isn’t a very big to do list: It’s quite literally “write more”.

Write more.

One thing on my to do list. Just one. So why hadn’t I been doing it?
If all I wanted to achieve was writing more, why had I only published 22 blog posts in 2017? If all I wanted to do was write more, why had I been posting less than ever before? When I asked myself this question, the only thing I could think of as an answer, was a lack of time.

A lack of time.
What bullshit.

I had time. I just didn’t prioritise using that time to write. I mean, I spent it wisely. I saw friends, I started exercising again, I started cooking more, exploring more and pursuing things that genuinely made me happy. It wasn’t time wasted by any means. But there was a chunk of time around that well spent time, that wasn’t spent so well. There was a chunk of time where I consumed Netflix shows like I consume calories. Which isn’t so much a problem, I love a Netflix day as much as I love a Milkyway Crispy Roll. The problem, was that whilst I was consuming I stopped creating and instead of using my time to pursue passions, I was using it to pacify myself, hiding behind a perceived lack of time as an excuse.

I mean, I know myself well enough to know why I do it. If I don’t have time to finish something in one go, I don’t particularly like starting it. When I write, I like to write until completion (lol). Like now, It’s 6;30pm and all I can think about is how I need to shower and get ready to go out for my work colleague’s leaving drinks soon, but I can’t stop writing. Because in the long term, I’m not going to care about how my hair was a little bit less volumous than usual. But what I will care about is that I managed to write and publish a blogpost that told a story. To be honest, I’ll probably be fucking flabbergasted that I managed to publish a post twice in two days, when last year I couldn’t even post twice in one week.

Hi future Amy. You are totally capable. Stop slacking. Start tapping.

Anyway, I digress.
Long story short there have been a lot of times in my life when I haven’t started things, because I was scared I wouldn’t finish them. Which is messed up because if you don’t start anything, of course you never finish them. That’s just fucking logic. But if you don’t start something, you also never progress with it. So it just remains there. undone. A passing thought that’s never an action but always a regret. So I decided to set myself a challenge to change up the way I think act.

I am going to blog everyday in March.

To be honest – I made the internet decide for me because I wasn’t so sure that I could actually do it. Heck, one of my best friends wasn’t even sure I could do it. She even advised against it because she knows I get hella stressed if I don’t achieve the things I set out to. But I (and my Instagram voters – thanks you lot.) have decided that I’m going to do this. So I’m going to. Or I’m going to try at least.

Because isn’t it better to try and fail then never try at all?