West Wittering Beach

There’s nothing better for the soul than a trip to the beach.

The soft sand beneath your toes, the wind whistling through your hair, the sun beaming onto your skin and the sound of waves crashing against the shore.

Suuure it’s March so the temperature in England rarely exceeds 15ºc, but that doesn’t make it any less lovely.

West Wittering Beach is a blue flag beach along the South coast of England. It was bought in 1952 for £20,546 with the sole purpose or preserving the beach for the safe and peaceful enjoyment of the public. Since then it has become not only a summer home for holiday makers, but a permanent home to various species of animals, including: birds, geese, ducks, butterflies, lizards and more.

March makes West Wittering beach a pretty magical time in England.
Holiday makers and sunbathers are nowhere to be seen so instead of overcrowded beaches and traffic everywhere, what you are left with is an abandoned beach with a handful of dog walkers and windsurfers.

It’s the perfect place to nestle between the dunes with a blanket and a book to just chill out.
Unfortunately my sister soon found out about my place of tranquility and within ten minutes she was there with my noisy-but-totally-bloody-adorable little nephew.

It was his first time on a beach and he loved… trying to eat it.

Once he realised that he wasn’t at a giant buffet and that in fact sand was not food, it was lovely just sitting there watching him crawl over the dunes (he’s only just recently started crawling so it’s nice to have him in a large open space where he can’t pull things out of cupboards) and watch as he moved the sand between his fingers looking confused as it fell through the gaps.

There’s so much learning to be done at the beach, not just by burying people, building sandcastles, collecting shells or the problem solving done by a 9-month old child figuring out how to keep sand in his hands, but because every time you visit the beach I think you rediscover part of your being that was buried deep down with your youth.

Eventually the wind picked up and the sun dipped low so we headed home.
Covered in sand but blissfuly happy.

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