West Dean Gardens

I can guarantee you that if you spent five minutes on Google searching your local area, the results would turn up an abundance of places you have never visited.

I’m on a mission to show you all as much of this beautiful place I call home as I can and one of my favourite places to wander around, and one that I want to show you, is West Dean gardens.

The gardens of West Dean are just a small part of the 6,350 acres that make up the West Dean Estate, a place that has an extraordinarily long and varied history, starting as a forest and hunting park in 1066 the land was owned by the Earls of Arundel and Dukes of Norfolk for almost 500 years.

The land has changed hands a few times since then, going to the Peachey family in 1738 with James Peachy, the 1st Lord Selsey, commissioning the rebuilding of the manor house by architect James Wyatt. Then in 1912 when Edward James was five, the Estate was passed in trust to him, with him coming into full possession of the estate at age 25. In 1964 the Edward James foundation was established which to this day still teaches and supports craftspeople and artists.

But now it is enjoyed by the masses as a place to wander, a place to picnic and a place to attend the Chilli Festival, which last month celebrated it’s 20th anniversary.

The chilli festival is an event that fills the gardens with bands, entertainment, funfairs and food stalls. Unfortunately I had to work on the weekend of the festival but as soon as I clocked out S and I popped down to enjoy some food and drinks at sundown.

Spicy chicken tagine with couscous, and cider for me.
A Thai spiced burger washed down with chilli beer for S. After listening to a local band, (whose name I cannot remember but we saw them here too!) we decided to take a stroll around the grounds, as we nibbled on an array of brownies, to the 300ft Victorian pergola.

The pergola was designed by Harold Peto and has become a beacon for wedding photos and engagement shoots.

But I mean c’mon…
You only have to look at it to understand why.

What about you guys?
Have you ever been to West Dean Gardens?


  1. I’m a big one for exploring and appreciating your local area! I do a couple of series on my blog talking about it actually, so glad to see someone who thinks similarly!
    You got such beautiful photos and it seems like such a magical place. If I ever find myself at the opposite end of the country this most certainly seems worth a visit.


    • Thanks Danielle! There’s always so much more to see and do in your local area than you first realise isn’t there. Where are your favourite local places up to wander too? I must book a trip up t’North soon! xo

  2. I can see why the pergola is popular for wedding and engagement photos — it’s so beautiful!


    • I don’t think I could ever tire of looking at it.
      And I mean could you even imagine how surreal it would look covered in winter flowers and a blanket of snow!? xo

  3. I adore local discovery missions like this – you never know what you’ll turn up!

  4. ahhh such a beautiful place! I want to visit too. It’s also so quintessentially british – perfect. You look cute too!

  5. Oh wow!! This looks soooo amazing!!!
    I love all those pretty flowers!
    xx, Vicky


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