Valkenswaard MX GP

If you didn’t catch my last post (and why ever not?) S and I recently took a little European road trip.

We hopped aboard the Eurotunnel and headed all the way to The Netherlands just in time for the Valkenswaard MX GP. Although we did get slightly distracted along the way, making a little pitstop in Belgium for some waffles #SorryNotSorry)
After checking into our hotel in Eindhoven and getting a good nights sleep, we wandered  into town bleary eyed with some of us *ahem* not quite ready for the emotional separation from our bed, but after stumbling into Bagels and Beans, a charming little coffee shop serving the most incredible freshly baked bagels, the separation got a whole lot easier.

With Valkenswaard MX GP races due to start soon we opted to take breakfast on the go.
Toasted ham and cheese for S, and bacon, avocado and cream cheese (which sounds weird but was very nice) for me, served with the most dreamiest of dark hot chocolates (I hate coffee and love sugar).
A mere fifteen minutes later and we were at the track!

After picking up our passes and heading through the gates we took a wander to scope out the best place to watch before settling down at the top of the hill ready for the races.
S eyed up the bikes as they flew past him
Whereas I was preoccupied with some eye candy of my own

Despite my advances, this dog had no interest in becoming my best friend so eventually I resigned myself to watching the riders do their thang.
Next thing we knew the hours had flown by and it was time for lunch.
We resigned ourselves from our comfy spot, packed up the chairs and wandered down to the grounds in search of the array of lunch vans to choose our lunch from…
Only there wasn’t any.
There was literally just the same branded vans serving French fries and Bratwurst.
I was totally heartbroken, not only because I was looking forward to devouring something warm after sitting in the cold for hours, but because I hadn’t bought any food with me, was hungry verging on the edge of hangry, and due to my digestive system hating them… I can’t eat Bratwurst. (sob sob).
It was a good job I had a bagel for brekkie because it was literally the only thing I had to eat the entire 9 hours or so that we were there (cue the violins and sad music over a missed meal)
After the boys filled their boots and satisfied their hunger it was time for the next set of races.
After realising the place we had scoped out previously offered the best views, we walked back up the hill to regain our positions. There were tall people everywhere which, for someone who is a mere 5ft4, is a mild inconvenience, but eventually a gap opened up at the fence so me and my chair shimmied on in there. (FYI: taking camping chairs? Best idea everrrrrr!)
As the races re-started the fans gathered, eagerly awaiting their favourites to fly past them.
Chainsaw engines whirred, engines revved, dirt flung and smiles spread across spectator’s faces.
Motocross may be a high-paced death sport but it’s one that is so easy to become absorbed in and each time I leave I want to run to the nearest shop and buy myself a bike.
(Don’t worry mum, I won’t!)
I’ll stick to spectating… For now!
The entire weekend was enjoyed in a completely unexpected way.
I was a little hesitant to go at first, as whilst I always support S with his motocross and take interest in his interests, I’ve only ever gone on day trips for Motocross and never committed myself to a four day trip in case I didn’t enjoy it. But I can honestly say that I did (especially on the second day when we took a packed lunch with us!) Don’t get me wrong, there’s vast improvements to be made *cough*morefoodoptions*cough* but on the whole, it was pretty damn fun!
Valkenswaard MX GP was a two day event with ticket prices around €70 each.

Hat | Coat | Sunnies | Wellies | Bag
Massive goofy grin? Totally my own.


Have you even been to Valkenswaard?
Is Motocross something you’d ever taken an interest in?


  1. That’s so cool! I had no idea about that event! 🙂

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