Travel Tales: Forgotten Passport

Today I got carried like a princess.

I’m sharing this picture, which has nothing to do with princesses, but is totally relevant to the story, I promise.

Now let me rewind.
If you follow me on Twitter (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY ALREADY BE DOING YOU GUYS) then you are probably blissfully unaware of the fact that I have hurt my toe.
Now this may not sound like big news, but it has totally put a spanner in my enjoyment of Krabi, and has pretty much rendered my walking to a slow paced hobble.
Seriously, a snail could outrun me right now.

So Anyway.
Because I’m a great big klutz and Thailand doesn’t have the most even of concrete floors, I tripped and stubbed my toe, effectively kicking off half of my toenail (base to tip) and ripping a good chunk of the skin beneath it.
Gross right?
Well if you think hearing it is gross then you should see the photo, which YES I did put on Twitter, because sharing is caring you guys.
But mainly because I’m a sicko.
And it hurts.
And can I get a fresh dose of sympathy over here?

Anyway after going into shock over my toe, crying because the hotel didn’t have a first aider, and sulking because my mangled toe meant that I couldn’t do the Maya Bay boat trip we had planned, the next day I hobbled across to the pharmacist, who cut my nail, cleaned it up and sent me on my way with the advice of keeping it away from dirt, sand and seawater.
Which when you’re staying in Railay Bay in Ao Nang, is pretty much all that surrounds you.
So that left me on bed rest, which was fine.
Until today.
For you see today we had to leave Railay to catch our flight to Chiang Mai, which, whilst very exciting, caused a fair few problems. Firstly, getting to Chiang Mai meant leaving Railay, which meant I had to get across the sand, dirt, and seawater that I had been advised to stay away from.
So how do you get across a beach when your foot has effectively been given a restraining order?
Well the answer to that is ‘with great difficulty’ because the man that operates the boat will become very stubborn and refuse to drive closer to shore to come and get you. But luckily I have S, who very kindly offered to carry me.
So after wading out to the boat (FYI future travellers, this is typical with all boat trips in Asia, so wear shorts when taking boat trips.) to drop off our backpacks, he came back to get me.
However it turns out wading in water that is past knee depth, along an uneven surface, when wearing flip-flops is pretty tricky.
So S scouted Russ to embark on his mission to get the princess.
Which would sound much more fairytale like if I stopped writing here.
But instead, the story of how they swung my arms over their shoulders, took a leg each and carried me in a much less regal way to the long tail boat, where I arrived to the sound of applause, continues… I kid you not.
Ground swallow me whole?
S and Russ climbed aboard and just as we thought the commotion was over and the boat had started its journey to the mainland, S realized that we had left our passports in our hotel room safe.
Now S is good at bartering, but it turns out he’s not so good at negotiating, because whilst he got the long tail driver to stop, and wait for him to return, the driver refused to move closer to shore.
So instead S plummeted into water as high as his waist, and waded to the hotel and back whilst I… the people on the boat, just sat there laughing.

And that is why I got carried like a princess and the photo is relevant!

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