Travel Tales: A Night In Abroad

Sometimes in life, you just need a night in.
Although I’m sure in most cases, you don’t get the cravings for a night in when your halfway through a motorbike trip across France…

But, after the trauma of the night before, (which you can read about here if you missed it!) combined with a ride that had FAR too many rain clouds plus a freak hailstorm, that’s exactly what I was craving, and so when S and I made it to Bordeaux; a night in is exactly what we had!

As we drove through Bordeaux to get to the hotel I was originally a little bit sad by how far away from the city we were going, but as we continued on I realised that actually, it was probably just as well because the day before I almost (quite literally) pooped my pants and so my body could probably do with some rest.

As we pulled up to the hotel (Mer & Golf Apart-Hotel in case you were wondering), I realised that I really didn’t want to do anything except stuff my face with carbs, jump in a bath and stay there until I felt (and smelt) better. But when S was looking at places to stay the night before (because we’re organised like that) literally none of the hotels which had availability and cost less than £100 per night had that luxury, and so I gave up on the day dream. Fortunately however, this hotel was particularly well equipped because as I was unpacking the panniers muttering under my breath about how I really didn’t want to carry anything and generally being a total brat, S appeared with a luggage trolley – proving that not all heroes wear capes.

I hadn’t looked at the hotel prior and didn’t have a clue what to expect, but based on our previous accommodations I was expecting something… Small. However, as we walked through the door we were greeted with the exact opposite. A spacious hallway lead into an open plan area housing the


Living room

Dining room

And bedroom.

It had everything we needed including a balcony, and as I walked into the bathroom ready to freshen up… I discovered it also had a bath. I had never been happier. Or maybe I had been, but in that moment I could not recall glee like it. Mainly because I’m easily pleased, but also because the aforementioned spontaneous hailstorm had left me cold and wearing damp bike gear. Apparently somebody should have listened to S when he said to buy waterproofs. But because I knew better (lol), there I was cold, damp and in a bad mood. It probably didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten all day buuuuuuut when you go through what I went through the day before and you have to embark on a four-hour bike ride, you don’t test the limits of modern medicine by tempting fate with food.

After pondering life on the balcony for a bit and wondering how much shampoo I should waste making a bubble bath, I noticed just across the street was a mini-mart. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be groundbreaking news, but when you’re cold , wet and craving carbs – it’s revolutionary. On a quest to see if the minute-mart stocked my favourite brownies (they’re Milka brownies if you were wondering and they’re also the best thing ever, if you go to France get some and thank me later). I quickly changed, grabbed S by the hand and lead him over the road.

As we walked inside we realised that this wasn’t a corner shop with limited options and questionable sandwiches but a fully stocked mini-supermarket filled with fresh produce, breads baked that morning and all the cheeses. It was bliss, and as we roamed around the aisles seeking the purple packaging of dreams (brownies) we decided that we both had a rather strong craving for spaghetti bolognese and so we picked up the bits ready to cook up a carb feast. We also grabbed some bubble bath and some handwashing liquid because if you’re as thrifty as us – a bath isn’t just a bath; it’s also a washing machine.

As S ran the bath-tub-washing-machine, I got started on dinner. It felt strange – doing household chores as we were on holiday in the middle of France, but as we hung out the washing to dry on the balcony and loaded up an episode of Lucifer to watch with dinner, I realised that it was also quite nice.

And do you know what made it better?

I got my box of brownies AND some Milka hot chocolate.


  1. Your posts always make me so hungry! xxx

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