Travel Gifts For Her That She’ll Use And Love

Regardless of whether she’s your mother, your sister, your girlfriend or your friend I can almost guarantee that finding travel gifts for her is far from the easiest of tasks. I can say this because I am a woman. A woman who hates to play up to stereotypes but also knows how quickly she changes her interests – and if I can’t keep up with my own interests, how is anybody else supposed to? But despite my interests changing so rapidly there’s one thing that I never grow tired of; travel. Which is why I decided to put together this gift guide, which features travel gifts for her, no matter who she may be, that she will not only love but actually use.

I know what you’re thinking; everybody and their dog has a gift guide for travellers out at the moment. But most of these are aimed at full-time travelers who carry nothing more than a backpack, and whilst I pack light I don’t pack that light and I have never travelled remotely enough to need the purifying pen that so many gift guides insist I need. So bear with me because whilst gift lists are popular, especially at this time of year, they’re also incredibly helpful. Afterall, when we were younger we would sit down with a pen and paper and, after thinking about it for weeks, write down what we wanted. But nowadays it’s not so easy and the process of giving gifts means you must first battle your way through the mental minefield of figuring out what another person wants or needs to help guide your purchase, and to be honest nobody has time for that type of stress. Which is why I’ve put together this gift guide filled with travel themed present ideas that the women in your life will love. Well, hopefully anyway!

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The Ultimate List Of Travel Gifts For Her That She’ll Use And Love

Tangle Teezer

What was once nothing more than an idea is now an item many have on their dressing tables – and for good reason. The tangle teezer is a detangling hairbrush designed by hairdresser Shaun P, which doesn’t pull or snap the hair. I’ve had one for over a year and use it daily. The compact size together with the fact that it doesn’t cause the damage which other brushes cause when brushing make it one of my favourite products. I’m just gutted it didn’t exist when I was a child to save younger-me from all of those excruciating moments when my mum brushed my hair!

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are the perfect gift for those who struggle to organise their suitcase – especially if they only travel with a carry on. I would love to be one of those people but to be honest I’ve always resisted because I travel with my laptop and don’t want to have to empty my underwear to get the laptop out every time I pass through security, but with packing cubes I need not worry. Although to be honest even though it means I don’t have to worry about my pants being sprawled across the floor at security, I still rarely travel with just a carry on because bigger suitcases mean that I can take more hats, and I bloody love hats.

Zeal & Heart

Zeal & Heart is the brainchild of Rebecca; the brains and beauty behind Runaway Kiwi. Compiling beautiful word combinations on silver pendants she encapsulates and helps conquer the Millennial angst so many of us feel, by creating simple and elegant, wearable, reminders that we are so much more than we think.

Portable Speaker

Music has the ability to transform your feelings and whether you’re chilling by the pool or getting ready in your hotel room a portable speaker can help you get in the mood for the day’s (or night’s!) plans. There’s loads to choose from on the internet depending on your budget, but these £10 mini speakers are what I currently use!

Travel Print

Wall art is a personal thing. Some people like paintings, some people like mixed media art and others like prints but either way travel themed art is a great way to brighten up the walls of a home or office. The above print is one I designed which you can purchase through my shop section – but if none of my designs take your fancy then you can find an abundance of prints on websites such as Etsy and Not On The Highstreet.

Portable Charger

I got my power pack in Thailand years ago and to be honest I haven’t the foggiest what the brand is, but it charges my phone at least three times before dying and having that extra power makes all the difference on long days. I use my phone a lot when travelling whether for maps, taking photos or when my 3 year old nephew randomly Facetimes me, and knowing that I don’t have to worry about my phone running out of battery makes the portable power pack easily one of the best things to travel with.

Coffee Table Books

Not everybody can travel full time and so in between trips I’m partial to sitting down with a good book and looking into the lives of others. The Humans Of New York book is one of my favourites as Brandon is able to catch humanity in such a raw form and the short snippets of people’s lives help you to realise that there is more that unites us, than separates us.

Travel Pillow

Whenever I used to travel long haul I would take my ‘bed’ pillow with me. It’s light, comfortable and moulds into shapes way better than any travel pillow could. But recently we upgraded our mattress and because we’re champion negotiators we got some Tempur pillows thrown in for free, which is problematic because holy-beep, they’re heavy and as a result my bed pillow is no longer a travel option. But sleeping on a plane should always be an option and as those ‘C’ shaped neck pillows are awkward AF to sleep on, I use this self-inflating travel pillow. Perfect for those who want to catch a few Z’s whilst clocking air miles!


I’m a huge fan of pretty luggage and River Island has got the market cornered with their beautiful designs. They don’t do large suitcases but instead make gorgeous cabin suitcases which often have (sold separately) matching overnight bags, makeup bags and wallets too.

Travel Bottles

Bidding farewell to beloved products at the security gate because they go above the specified flying allowance is heartbreaking – but with these bottles there’s no need to worry. Costing £7.59 for 13 bottles, toiletry favourites can be carried in hand luggage without wasting a drop due to the funnels and scoops which are provided.


S bought me a Kindle a few years back and it was the gift I didn’t know I needed. I adore books as the feeling of manually turning a page as the story captures your imagination and keeps you going back for more, is like no other. But carrying a library with you when travelling just isn’t possible. Or it wasn’t until Kindle, anyway. The paperwhite backlight means you can read in any light and the compact size and lightweight nature of the Kindle means you can just slip it into your bag until you fancy getting lost in somebody else’s world.

Passport Cover

JooJoobs are a family of leathersmiths based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, who create personalised, handmade leather products using a premium full grain distressed leather. They very kindly sent me a passport cover a couple of months ago which I put through it’s paces on my most recent trip to Portugal and as somebody who has never travelled with a passport cover before, I can now say that I am officially converted. Having the ability to keep all of our documents in one place (I put both mine and S’ passports in it, together with our boarding passes) which wasn’t a pocket in my handbag, made all the difference and stopped our paperwork from becoming crumpled whilst travelling.

Personalised Christmas Ornament

Ok so this one isn’t directly travel related per se, but the ones available on Not On The Highstreet are super cute and who wouldn’t love a personalised Christmas decoration? Plus for extra brownie points you could purchase an ornament of their favourite place, food or animal to make it truly tailored to them.

Too Jetlagged To Function Jumper

This lightweight jumper is soft on the inside, slouchy on the outside and the slogan is the perfect design for when you want something comfortable to travel in on those long travel day

GHD Travel Hairdryer

When I was 15 my mum bought my my first pair of GHD’s. 6 months later that pair broke due to faulty wiring and so GHD sent me a replacement which, I kid you not, I still have and use to this very day. Now they have released a travel hairdryer with adaptable voltage which puts the days of using shoddy hotel hairdryers which couldn’t dry your hands, well and truly in the past.


The rate in which technology has changed is amazing, and nowadays we can capture photos at any moment with the smartphones so many of us have in our pockets. But there’s something utterly charming about capturing a moment instantly that you are unable to edit – which is where the Instax comes in. I don’t actually have one of these yet, but it’s most definitely on my Christmas wish list!

Lifeproof Phone Case

The Lifeproof case is exactly as the name suggests – Lifeproof. Their phone cases have been designed for those who live their lives adventurously and are drop-proof, dirt-proof, dust-proof and waterproof for up to 2 meters. Perfect for those who are off on a round-the-world trip and want something they can take on and off land, or perhaps somebody like me who is just super clumsy and is sick of paying for screen replacements.

Wall Map

I’m currently in the process of decorating my office and have been seeking a map for my wall and this one I found on Etsy, is the one I’m leaning towards – so I thought I’d share it with you all, too. It’s a pinboard which means you can pin ticket stubs, mementoes or photos to it to truly capture your adventures around the world.

Bra Stash

Considering bags are so useful they sure are annoying to carry. I’ve found that the older I get the less I take out with me. Nowadays I just about go out with my purse but to be honest even that annoys me to carry, especially when I’m going out dancing because you can’t throw killer shapes whilst carrying a bag without accidentally hitting someone when you bust out a spontaneous twirl. The Bra Stash however, eliminates that because you can keep your secrets close to your chest (literally) so regardless of whether your dancing or exploring a new city, you can keep your belongings safe and your hands free.

Phone Lens Kit

I’m more of a camera person myself, but back when we lived abroad our friend came over and whilst out exploring he used a range of mini lenses which clipped to his phone. They were so simple to carry and literally fit right in his pocket, but this simple addition gave him more options to play with when capturing memories, without the hefty price tag that so many cameras come with nowadays.

A Surprise Trip

Memories over materials, always. Because whilst gizmos and gadgets make our lives a whole lot easier and more fun, spending time with our loved ones will always be the best way to spend time. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip – it could be a trip to a local monument, a nature walk or if you’re feeling fancy somewhere which requires a flight, but taking the time to plan an adventure or experience for yourself and the travel lover in your life is a great gift.

– – – – – – –

What’s on your wishlist this Christmas? Any items you think would make a great gift for those who love to travel? Let me know in the comments!

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