Three Year Bloggiversary

If you told me three years ago that I’d be able to sit here and say “HEY YOU GUYS TODAY IS MY THREE YEAR BLOGGIVERSARY!” I’d tell you you were mad and then laugh you out of the room because everybody who knew me knows that my interests used to change quicker than the English weather.

Yet over these past three years of being a blogger I have discovered so much about myself.
I know that blogging is mostly occasionally a totally narcissistic hobby – after all I do sit here and write about myself almost every week, but in a world full of information overload on what everybody else is doing – it’s nice to have a place where I can filter it all out and discover what it is that makes me, me. And what I realised over the past three years is that the reason my interests changed so regularly is because I was searching for that one thing I was truly passionate about.

Growing up my friends all had hobbies; horse riding, squash, make up or socialising, but I never quite fit in with any of them. I enjoyed horse riding for years and still have those sexy little sticky-out calf muscles as a result, but the rest fizzled out after just a few months and for a long while I always felt like there was something wrong with me. I never had that palpable passion. People never knew what it was that I liked or what I was into, because I never really knew. I never had that one thing that made me stand out from the crowd because I was truly enthused by a subject.

But then I moved to Thailand and those darling friends and family of mine wanted to know what I was up to.
So I started pouring out stories of what we got up to onto this blog to stop me having to repeat myself every time I was able to FaceTime (living on different timezones to everyone you know kind of sucks). And then one year passed, and two years passed and then the next thing I know I’m sat here writing this and it has been three whole years that I have stuck to something and (if you don’t count my relationship with S) that is the longest time I have ever been whole-heartedly committed to something.

I took some random pictures with a helium balloon because I saw some bloggers do it one time and I’m really original like that

Buuuuuuut it sorta kinda accidentally came undone from it’s weight box.

You too can recreate this look of utter sadness by dressing like a sailor in:
Top | Blazer | Trousers | Shoes (and losing your very own balloon)

But all jokes aside – I really wanted to commemorate the fact that I’ve not only finally found my passion, but because for once in my life I’ve actually stuck at it. I mean sure, I don’t spend as much time as I’d like to tapping away onto my little Toothbrush Travels because a new job and overcomplicated wording on my Marketing assignments has meant that my brain is tied up elsewhere, but I have such big plans for this little internet slice of mine and it’s the only thing that I truly get excited about when I think of everything I could turn this little internet space into.

I was planning on doing a massive giveaway to celebrate the fact that I’ve survived three years, but that was because I was also planning on launching my shop today because I thought it would be super cute to tie the date of my three year bloggiversary together with the launch of my new business, but (and I hate typing this) this plan has been put on hold for a while. I considered deleting the post where I announced that I would be launching an online shop altogether, because I hate that it’s been so long since I wanted to go live with it, and I really, really wanted to have everything ready by now. But between work and college and trying to live a relatively healthy life – I just haven’t had the time to invest emotionally without it exhausting me. But bear with me, because the posts are about to get a whole lot more regular on this blog and once my shop is ready I’m going to do a boss ass giveaway for all of you who have remained so loyal despite my lack of punctuality in both writing and actually selling some Toothbrush Travels goodies.

I didn’t really plan how to end this post but I know that I want to end it with thank-you.
Thank-you for reading and not judging me when I pour my thoughts and stupid jokes into these pages.
Thank-you for the comments that let me know that you were here.
Thank-you for being the voice of support when I didn’t know I needed it.
Just… Thank-you.

Now if you don’t mind I’m off to celebrate my three year bloggiversary as all bloggiversaries should be celebrated… With gin!

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