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“How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World!”

It feels like every few minutes I stumble across somebody who has done just that.
Saved up a few thousand of their hard earned pounds, quit their job and left to travel the world.
And that’s wonderful.
I admire anyone who knows what they want from life and takes the plunge to do it.
And if travelling freely is what you want, then I say go for it.
As soon as there’s a bit more money in my ol’ travel fund I’ll be joining you.

But there’s a lot of people who aren’t a position to do so or don’t want to pack everything up and leave, and I find the “Quit Your Job To Travel The World” headline a bit of a slap in the face because so many of the articles suggest that if you don’t “JUST GO” you’re just making excuses.

But what if they’re not excuses but you don’t want to pack everything up to travel?
What if you love the country you’re living in and don’t want to sell/rent your house?
What if you already have your dream career or you own and run your own business?
Well I’m here to tell you this.
Despite what a great big chunk of the internet would have you believe:

Travel and work are not mutually exclusive.

You don’t have to pick one or the either.
It is not an either/or option.
There may be a few occasional sacrifices, but you can do both.
You just have to pick a solution that’s right for you.

So how do you incorporate more travel into your life?

Well it depends on what you want.
If you want to live a life of nomadic freedom, then your best bet is to find a job in an industry that enables you to work from anywhere. Web design, freelance writing, illustration, social media management and graphic design are just a few.

But if you don’t want to hop on a one-way plane ride, then there are plenty more things you can do to maximise your time exploring.
For example:

Plan Ahead.

Public holidays are there to be used to your advantage.
In England we have 8 bank holidays each year which typically fall on a Friday or Monday (with the exception of an occasional substitute day). Which gives us an instant 3 or 4 day weekend. This gives you a whole 3 or 4 day holiday without needing to use your holiday entitlement (vacation days).

…Alternatively book off multiple Fridays and Mondays so that you get four days of holiday but only use 2 days out of your holiday entitlement.

Plan things for your days off so you’re not tempted to stay in bed and watch a Netflix marathon.
…We’ve all been there.

Take more days trips.

Get out and visit that castle you’ve lived near for years but have never been inside.
Climb that hill with the amazing panoramic views that you have always wanted to photograph.
Drive three hours to go to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to eat at.
Learn something new about your city – you may even be surprised by what you find.

Take a road trip.

We’re not doing it just yet because Asia is first on our long-term travel list.
But at some point in the future S and I are going to buy a van, convert it and travel across the UK and Europe on epic (and hopefully sunny) road trips.

Find out if the company you work for offers transfers.

You’d be surprised by how many companies have branches abroad or are looking to expand in other countries. I have a friend who started work in Manchester (England) and now works in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) all thanks to that lovable blue box, IKEA.

Go camping.

Obviously if you’re reading this from Dubai a tent isn’t going to be very appealing given the heat that you experience in the UAE. But for people that don’t live in a part of the world that feels like a beautiful inferno, this is definitely an option. There’s so many beautiful nature trails across the UK, why not walk some of them and set up camp under the stars?

There are so many ways to travel without leaving everything to live out of a rucksack.
You don’t have to pack up your things and “just go”, you just need to get outside of your comfort zone and open your eyes and heart to what the world has to offer. Because travelling isn’t a destination, it’s a journey, and it doesn’t matter if that journey takes you ten, or ten-thousand, miles away from your house, it’s how you explore the place you find yourself in that counts.

– – – –

How about you?
Do you prefer a backpack and an open road, or do you prefer to take regular trips throughout the year?
Is leaving your job to travel something that you have thought about doing?
Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


  1. Great post! I find it hard trying to split my time between visiting home, living in London and actually working to afford these trips. We’re trying to start seeing the world more but we’re also trying to see the best of the UK too as I think people don’t visit/see their own country enough. Fingers crossed over the next couple of years we’re able to go away lots more.

    • I know what you mean.
      I used to be one of the people who never saw enough of their own country, but since living abroad my perspective has changed so much and now I love my little English day trips!
      At least you’ve got London on your doorstep – there’s so many incredible things to do in that busy ol’ city! xo

  2. I think this post is great Amy. It needed to be written. You are so right. Dropping your life and traveling exclusively is not for everyone, nor should it be everyone’s goal. There are many ways to enjoy a travel filled life without giving up your ‘normal’ life as well. I, for one, do this because I have other priorities, like a child!

    But that doesn’t mean I can’t go out and see the world. I just don’t do it for 365 consecutive days. Thank goodness! Because for me, traveling still has that excitement and special feeling that I fear I would lose if I did it every single day of my life.

    Awesome post girl.


    • Thanks V!
      I’m glad I wrote it.
      I feel like too many people are ashamed of not dropping everything to go travelling and I don’t see why!

      I do want to whack on my backpack and disappear across the globe for a while, but I also know that’s not the only way to travel, and just because I want/do it, doesn’t mean everyone else wants too. I find it funny that no matter where you are in the world there is always somewhere else you’d like to see. I bet there’s people who grew up on the Maldives wishing they could see the bright lights of NYC or experience the grey drizzle of England hahaha.

      I love that you continue to embrace and incorporate travel into life with your plus one, it’s great to see that you’ve found the balance you are looking for xx

  3. Great post 🙂 cheers from Vietnam!

  4. It’s so true — not everyone can just get up and leave everything behind to travel the world. Sometimes it’s better to take a few smaller trips throughout the year instead. Great tips!

    • Hey Eden!
      I’m definitely with you on this!
      Plus those little breaks in between trips provide us bloggers with the perfect opportunity to get all of our stories published on the blogosphere! xo

  5. Absolutely spot on!!

    • Thanks Emma!
      I had no idea that so many people would feel the same way after the amount of posts I’ve read recently stating otherwise, xo

  6. Love this post so much!!

    Lauren x

  7. This is such a great post. “Travel and work are not mutually exclusive” – I love this.
    As much as I love long backpacking trips where I don’t have to worry about work, I’m actually enjoying having a steady job that I enjoy right now and using my vacation time to explore new places. Eventually I’d like to do a big long year-long backpacking trip, but for now this suits me fine. 🙂

    • Hey Ceri!
      Glad you enjoyed it, I have to say it was a post I really enjoyed writing.
      I feel like so many people are guilt-tripped for not packing everything up and living nomadically, but I think there are pros and cons to both ways of life. I mean yeah it’s great to have no jobs and to live with all of your items on your back like a global snail – it’s incredibly freeing. But it’s also pretty amazing to know you have an address and a bath waiting for you when you return.
      Plus it’s pretty handy being able to send all of your souvenirs to your house whilst you’re away so you don’t have to carry them around with you too! xx

  8. Well said. I hate the attitude that everyone should quit their jobs and travel. I mean, someone has to stay at home and do the work 🙂 Also the whole “I travelled with my kids/dog/mortgage” thing — just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it’s a general rule.

    • I think people forget that what worked for them won’t necessarily work for others.
      Everybody comes from different walks of life, and everybody has different desires on how they want to live their life. I believe that everybody should travel, but where they travel too, whether it across the globe or down the road, is their choice.
      If I inspire just one person to get out and explore, then i’m a very happy blogger! x

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