The Art Of Slowing Down

Slowing down in a city where you can quite literally feel the energy pulsate around you, is a pretty daunting task but one that I found completely necessary.

You see I’d be planning to go to Thailand for a while now as I had been missing Tom Yum Goong a fair deal and S and I had all of these ideas on how to spend our time being back. Ideas which included travelling down south to Koh Tao so that we could get our PADI open water certification, finally see Nang Yuan and basically making up for lost time because the last time I went to Koh Tao I pretty much got pneumonia and spent the whole time (minus one afternoon) confined to my hotel room.

But then an amazing blog opportunity came up and we had to re-evaluate our plans because it was an opportunity that I quite fancied being a part of and due to timings I wouldn’t be able to fit a trip down south in. So we had a bit of a reshuffle and decided that rather than trying to fit ALL the things into our return trip to Thailand, we would treat it as though we were still living here by slowing down and making a vow not to rush anywhere, and instead to fill our time with all the things we loved about life in Bangkok.

Our first day was absolutely hectic as we attended what was arguably the most epic wedding I have ever had the pleasure of being invited too, (Cheers Boss!) and if you’ve read my previous post, you’ll know that day two was all kinds of emotional. But day three? Day three was the day we put ‘slowing down’ in to practice and decided to enjoy the day by filling with every little un-rushed things our tastebuds desired, and speaking of tastebuds, our day started as many do… With me waking up hungry.

We slept through breakfast (thanks jet lag!) and whilst chowing down on a 7/11 milk flavoured croissant we decided to wander into the city for a more substantial bite to eat. Ordinarily we would have hopped onto a motocy to whizz our way through traffic to the MRT station, but seeing as though we were slowing down and stuff, we decided a cruise along the Chao Phraya river was much more suitable.

We ended up disembarking at Central Pier and wandering through Bangrak.
Letting your nose guide you is one of my favourite ways to explore Thailand and I knew exactly where my nose was leading us…

A little street side restaurant serving the most succulent duck dishes.
It was a place I discovered when I took a Bangkok Food Tour, but had never gotten around to taking S, but he absolutely loved it.
So much so that he ended up finishing off my dish…
After all, girl’s gotta leave room for that mango sticky rice!
Oh? You thought I was kidding?
No no. My mango sticky rice addiction is very real!
Mango sticky rice was something I was showing no intention of slowing down for, because in mere seconds I had practically inhaled it. No shame.
But despite there being no shame, there was definitely bloating and a teeny tiny food baby going on, so we hopped aboard the BTS and ventured into Sukhumvit to do a little shopping.

Due to our fast paced return to the city, I had completely forgotten that it was my birthday on the day that we landed and so to make it up to myself I decided to buy myself the lens I had been wanting for two years.
But it turns out that wandering in and out of shopping centres meant that the day had absolutely flown by and it wasn’t long before the ol’ stomachs were grumbling, so we dipped into a little restaurant and grabbed two of our faves before heading home.
Tom Yum for me

And Khao Soy for S!

It’s not often I’ll spend a day shopping as I tend to find the motions tedious and prefer to do so online to get it over with (love clothes, hate queues!), but when you’re jet lagged and mentally drained it turns out that slowing down and taking a shopping day can actually be incredibly therapeutic!

It wasn’t until we got back to the apartment that I realised so many of the trips we have taken this year have been so busy that we haven’t really taken a proper opportunity to completely unwind, and that despite living in a peaceful part of England, a city full of millions of people had managed to give us something that the countryside couldn’t…
A day of being undisturbed.


Do you ever take the time to slow down on holiday?
Or do you prefer to fit as much as you can into your day?
Let me know in the comments!



    Nice post.beautiful pictures

  2. Maikel Kerseboom says

    In life its so important to slow down, take it easy and enjoy the moment

  3. Laveena Sengar says

    I would love to slow down on a holiday and I think it’s pretty important also.

  4. Adelheid Bethanny says

    Slowing down is definitely an important part of traveling that we usually forget. I plan to do the same this December, combining a slow travel and fast trip. Hope you enjoyed your adventures!

  5. Oh I felt bad for your pneumonia, my bf had it early this year…it’s really a nasty thing. Glad, you feel better.
    Slowing down is essential and I think you’re right the best way to practice it, it’s during the holidays!

  6. This sounds like gastronomic perfection!

  7. It’s amazing Kelly – so full of life! xo

  8. Thanks @karoliinakazi:disqus – always nice to get feedback on the ol’ blogging style!

  9. It’s an amazing place Jasmin! I mean it can be dirty and busy and chaotic but my god is the place charming!

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