Taco Bell Southampton

Do you ever go to a launch event and find a prop which perfectly describes you at every social event, ever?

Me neither. *whistles*

The thing is, food is great.
I mean, I’m sure as grown up humans who survived the first stages of infancy and went on to feed yourselves, that you are well aware of this, but whilst food is great it’s a bit of a pain when you have to cook it all the time. Which is why, whether we admit it or not, we’re all partial to a bit of fast food.

The problem is that fast food in England has always been a bit… sucky.
You’ve pretty much only got McDonalds, Burger King and KFC to choose from BUT NOT ANYMORE.
Because as you can probably tell from my sexy little hat up there, there’s a new kid on the block, and that new kid on the block is NACHOS. (na-chos… not-yours…*tumbleweed*)
But it will be on Wednesday, when Taco Bells’ Southampton branch officially opens!

Last night I was invited to Taco Bell’s launch event to celebrate America’s fast food giant setting up shop in Southampton and (as I’m sure you’re all aware by now) I love food and I most definitely love it more when said food is close(ish) to my house. So I picked up my fellow taco-loving wingman, Simon, and set off to see what all of the fuss was about.

Southampton’s Taco Bell is located in Hanover buildings which is just opposite (and to the right a little bit) of the Bargate, which means Southampton folk – you don’t have to go far for dat taco fix! Crazy traffic meant that we arrived a tad later than everyone else (turns out driving through Chichester, Havant, Portsmouth and Southampton at rush hour is just asking for trouble!) but as we walked in the atmosphere was energetic with everyone tucking into an array of flavoursome goodies and tequila based slushies

Which you can see see Simon was very happy to discover!

Upon walking in we were greeted with a friendly welcome and a plate full of nachos topped with salsa, sour cream, nacho cheese and guacamole.

And welcomes don’t really get much better than that!
But in addition to being given food on arrival, Taco Bell also has some pretty useful features which might make customers happy, including charging stations, free wifi, a refill station and beer on the menu!

We chatted through the night with an incredibly friendly group of bloggers (who made walking into a room full of people you don’t know, very easy by being so welcoming!) sampled an array of delicious items from the menu including tacos (soft and hard shell), burritos, quesadillas and the much anticipated Chocadilla, and throughout the night I discovered a few things. Such as:

1: Nachos are basically a sexy pile of Doritos.
2: Pulled pork quesadillas should not be missed.
3: Missing out on loaded fries will make you a bit sad.
4: There is no way to eat hard shell tacos without making a mess.
5: Eat too many burritos and you’ll probably feel a bit sick.
6: There’s always room for dessert.
7: Kitkat Chocodillas are delicious, but definitely need a dollop more chocolate inside.
8: Nights should always end with Churros.

Aaaaand that photo booths are always fun.

At the end of the night we said our thank-yous and goodbyes to the hosts before being handed a bag full of churros. I assumed that this was the goody bag because honestly what could be greater than a bag full of stick doughnuts, but it turns out in addition to this goody bag there was an actual goody bag which had a notebook, a voucher booklet, a mini coffee mug, a stress release toy and a taco pen which now lives proudly in my handbag!

So if a belly full of fast, reasonably priced and delicious food is what you’re after – you know where to go!
1/2 Hanover Buildings, Southampton, SO14 1JU
Opens Wednesday 23rd November 2016!

– – – – – – – – – –

(I was invited to Taco Bell as a guest with all food and drink being complimentary, but as always all thoughts, opinions and frustrations over crispy taco shells making a whole lotta mess, are all my own.)
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