Street Food Roulette

It was a hot day and with a four hour break and with a desire to get out from under the aircon, I took a wander through the local markets. Wafts of chilli, lemongrass and coriander floated through the rails of clothes filling the air, and before long I could hear the not so subtle grumble of my stomach.

Following my nose I walked over to a stall of street food with three vats of curry; fishball soup, green curry, and some red soupy stuff with tomatoes bobbing around in it. Feeling adventurous I went for option three; the tomato-y dish.

I sat down at the table and waited with anticipation for my bowl of mystery.
But when it arrived, it looked completely different.
Sitting in the bowl, where my tomatoes should of been, was a red-brown sauce coating a bowl of noodles, with congealed blood and a giant bone sat in the middle.
Not quite the tomato-y goodness I thought I had ordered.
Not one to shy away from a foods appearance, I picked up my fork and spoon and tucked in.
I can’t describe the flavour, all I know is that after four mouthfuls I was 100% certain that I didn’t like it.
There are a few variations of the dish but it usually looks like this.

The dish is called Ka Nom Jeen Nam-Ngeaw and includes minced meat, bones and chicken blood, and I won’t be ordering it again!
Have you ever tried it?
Are you daring enough to order food without a clue what it is?
Let me know in the comments!