Sometimes Labels Are Important

Jumper ©
Every year at Christmas the blogosphere goes crazy.
Webpages are filled with Christmas baking inspiration, Christmas markets, Christmas gift guides and Pinterest blows up with a great big puff of icing sugar. Then come January everybody wants to tell you about what they got for Christmas, which is fine, but not something I like to personally participate in. But this year I wanted to make an exception.
Because this year I got a jumper for Christmas.
Now the fact that I got a jumper isn’t particularly news-worthy,
it doesn’t inflate itself and magically do my washing up (unfortunately) but it was a rather nice jumper and with its merino wool/cashmere blend, probably the softest one I’ve owned thus far. But this jumper was a gift from Sam’s dad & girlfriend, and it was a gift that I actually rather liked. Which is a little bit newsworthy, because c’mon, how often do people buy you an item of clothing for Christmas that’s actually your style?
Now this jumper was actually pretty similar to one that I already owned prior to Christmas.
Same colour, same style just a different material.
Now, my daily routine on weekends is that I shove a load of laundry into the washing machine when I leave for work, and by the time S gets up it’s ready to be hung and dried. So when I shoved in a load that morning I didn’t think much of it…
Until I got a text from S, asking me whose jumper was in the wash.
I replied that it was mine and was promptly asked if I was sure.
Hmm I thought, he never usually cares whose clothes are in the wash, I wonder why he’s suddenly taken such an interest.
And then he sent me a picture.
And it explained everything.
Jumper © 5
Because it turns out I may or may not have got a little bit confused when doing the washing and put my new non machine-washable jumper in the wash, thinking it was my old one that I could machine wash.
And, well, as you can imagine.
It didn’t turn out so well.
Now when S told me what I had done, I didn’t think it would be that bad.
Ahh I can soak it water and stretch it I thought.
Worst comes to worst I’ll just diet and lose a few lbs to squeeze into it.
But then I got home.
And I saw the jumper in real life.
And I realised that the only way I was going to be able to diet myself into fitting my newly-shaped jumper, is if I lost 23 fucking years.
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Sa yano.
Make sure you check the labels when doing your washing folks.
Sometimes the labels on them are kind of important!