Selsey Fireworks

Becoming an auntie was the weirdest thing.
It was like one minute there was this cute little baby bump attached to my sister who couldn’t stop moaning about how much she missed pink steak and dippy eggs and soldiers, and the next minute there we were, stood watching Selsey Fireworks with this gorgeous little one-year old attached to my hip.

I didn’t expect becoming an aunty to change me, not even one bit, but it’s kind of changed everything.
I quite literally only have to see his face and my heart swells.
I mean look at him! How could you not!

It’s strange watching a child grow up because everything is filled with firsts.
A child’s first smile. Their first steps, their first word.
Everything seems like a momentous event when a child attempts it for the first time, and I never thought that I’d get swept up in the foggy-headedness that takes place when adults are surrounded by babies.

Honestly? I thought I was cooler than that, but it turns out I’m not.
And I’m not even sorry. So when Selsey Fireworks came around I just knew that I had to take Hayden to his very first bonfire night.

Bonfire Night is a event that takes place every year across England.
You’ve probably heard the rhyme “Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason, why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.” (if you’re not familiar with Bonfire Night’s history, you can read up here)

And the truth is, it’s never been forgot.
Because every year we all slip on our wellies, wriggle into oversized coats and head out to a local field to stand looking at the sky.

Which makes it sound pretty lame, but it’s not. It’s so much more than that AND it gives you the perfect chance to relive your childhood by playing hook a duck and to ruin your teeth by over-indulging on toffee apples and freshly-spun candy floss.

The night begins with the lighting of the fire

Because yano, warmth and all that.
Then once everybody is suitably huddled the show begins.

Now usually Fireworks can be pretty disappointing, but Selsey Fireworks goes all out.
The fireworks are released in time to a soundtrack (my favourite year was the James Bond theme) which blasts across the speakers broken only by the sounds of “oohs” and “aahs” –  a compulsory reaction to any firework show to show your appreciation for the colours that clash together before your eyes.

I wasn’t sure how Hayden was going to react to being at Selsey Fireworks.
The bustling crowds, the crisp weather, the loud noise and the bright lights had me a little on edge thinking that he was going to freak the fuck out, but he was actually more mesmerised than anything.

He stared at the sky with such wonder I couldn’t help but imagine what was running through his head. I mean it probably wasn’t much because, yano, he’s one, but it would have been pretty cool to know what he was going through his mind at that very moment as he tried to decipher what was happening around him.

All to soon the fireworks were over and it was time to get Hayden back home to bed.
And by bed I mean run around the living room and letting him stay up ten minutes later than usual because aunties are terrible at following orders.
But I mean can you blame me?
Just look at this face!

Do you have events like Selsey Fireworks near you?
Do you get all foggy-headed over relative’s babies because whoahmygod they’re so cute AND they’re not yours so YAY for being able to give them back!?
Let me know in the comments! xo

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