Roasted Pumpkin Soup

A fruit (yes for realz) which has grown increasingly popular with every spiced latte, pie and cake that each season brings. But no matter what you do with them whether you carve, roast or puree – one thing’s for certain; soup is a timeless dish, and now that the sun sets around 4pm (gulp) and the evenings are growing increasingly colder, soup season has officially begun.

I’ll be honest with you all, after getting my pumpkins from Pickwell Farm I had all of these plans to be all artistic and whatnot, but truth be told once I got home life got in the way and I just lost the motivation to get crafty. But whilst the mood for creating comes and goes hunger is a feeling I feel daily, which is why I decided upon soup. Because I love me some soup. Especially soup which tastes delicious even though you just threw some ingredients together and hoped for the best.

To make this soup you will need:

A pumpkin (or two if you want to make a pumpkin bowl).
1 Large Onion.
Fresh Ginger.
Butternut Squash.
Chilli Flakes.
Vegetable Stock.
Coconut Milk.
Thai Curry Paste.

Start by cutting a hole in your pumpkin and scooping out all of the inners.
Pause to remember how gross it is, how much your arm hurts and then reward yourself with a well earned gin.

Once it’s all scooped out, chop up your other pumpkin (removing the skin) and your butternut squash.
Drizzle it in oil, season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes, and then pop into the over to roast for half an hour on the top half of the oven, with the pumpkin tucked underneath.

The cooking time for the pumpkin bowl will vary depending on the size of your pumpkin, but the flesh was sufficiently roasted on mine after twenty minutes if that helps you suss timings.

Whilst the pumpkin is cooking cut your onions and pop them onto a low heat with a bit of oil and a tablespoon of chilli paste. Once the onions start to crisp up and caramelise at the edges grate your ginger over the top (a tablespoon’s worth) and fry for a few more minutes before adding your vegetable stock and leaving it to reduce down.

Sidenote: Remember to keep an eye on your pumpkin bowl if you’re making one and remove it once roasted!

Once the pumpkin and butternut squash have roasted add them to your blender (or food processor with blender attachment) together with the onions and vegetable stock, and set to blast. Whilst it’s busy puréeing and doing its thing, add the coconut milk in little by little together with a teaspoon of chilli flakes.

Once it has finished puréeing, dip your spoon in to taste test (and add more chilli flakes if that’s your preference) then pour your soup into your pumpkin bowl (or pretty much any bowl!) to serve.

Best served alongside a slice (loaf) of warm crusty bread smothered in butter.

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