Sometimes things change before you even realise.
I was adding category tags to my old posts just now when I stumbled across this post.
It was only 8 months ago but I can still remember how totally and utterly defeated I felt at the time of writing it.
I knew I needed to make changes, I knew they would be difficult (I perhaps didn’t quite realise how difficult) but I went ahead and made them and now everything has changed.
I quit that job despite not having another lined up.
I went from stressed to relaxed.
I went from unsociable to sociable.
I went from having thousands in my travel fund, to just hundreds.
Which was my least favourite part of everything because it means our RTW trip has been put on the back burner for a little while, whilst my savings regrow.
But despite the setbacks, I’ve learnt a lot.
I learnt to put my needs instead of everybody else’s, first.
I learnt to listen to my body when it was telling me it was exhausted.
I learnt to feel 23 years old again.
And this 23 year old thought it would be quite cool to re-do the style of this post for comparison reasons.
So here goes!
West Dean Gardens ©
Exciting changes to the blog!
There’s a whole new element coming soon which I’ve been working hard on behind the scenes and cannot wait to share with you all!
Hah. Kidding.
All of this bloody summer food and ice-cream is adding some well enjoyed inches to my waistline.
On the aforementioned new blog element!
But also for a medical assistance company who help people who become ill or injured abroad.
To find enough hours in the day.
Because working, redecorating our living room and being a general human doesn’t leave much time in the day for the exciting new element I’m trying to launch!
There were just a few more hours in the day.
But secretly also kinda enjoying the chaos right now.
Forward to the 2 weeks holiday S and I have booked off in September.
To choose where to go for those 2 weeks!
Suggestions please?
My birthday would hurry up.
It’s on the 27th August and I don’t know why but I’m stupidly excited this year!
Plus we’re going to London on the 29th because I just really quite want to go to Bao.
Bao will be as delicious as it looks from all the pictures I keep seeing!
Excited and motivated.
Why motivation is so elusive.
When you want it it’s never there and when you set aside time for Netflix is suddenly pounces on you.
To ignore this sudden bout of motivation because I really just want to watch a movie and eat pizza.
Because I know I need to make the most of it.
That I have at least some self-restraint.
That I’m so much happier now I’m actively following my dreams.
All of this currently-secret blog stuff and planning all of the little details!
If you all are going to like it.
You will.
Because this will be the first time I’ve ever really put myself out there and it’s leaving me feeling incredibly vulnerable.
Because some things will never change and my love for him is one of them.
That boy is my rock.
And not just because he drives me to Nandos when I need to stress eat.
How’s everything with you darling blog-readers?
It feels like ages since we last caught up!