Jetlag Jumper

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Looking for a slogan jumper that says “I’m too tired for this, leave me alone” but in a much nicer way? Well, then this is the jumper for you!
It’s slouchy, chic and dark enough to hide the drool that comes from flying economy and having to curl up in a ball to get some rest.
Perfect for the budding young travellers who spend more time on planes than they do on laundry.
See below for sizing details:

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Know what this slogan jumper does? It lets your clothes talk when you don’t want to.
Originally, I wanted this jumper to say “I’ve been travelling all day, I’m too tired to deal with humans, please leave me alone” but ya know, that’s quite the mouthful. So instead I went with “too jetlagged to function”. It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s written in giant letters so people are warned from afar.

  • Lightweight, chic and helps you avoid the chore of deciding what to wear when travelling.
  • Features big letters so people are warned in advance.
  • Ideal for planes, trains and automobiles.
  • Best worn with shades, bed hair and an attitude that screams “stay away”
  • Travel plans sold separately.

Slogan Jumper Sizes:

Chest: 50cm
Body: 67cm
Sleeve: 68.5cm

Chest: 54cm
Body: 70cm
Sleeve: 70.5cm

Chest: 58cm
Body: 73cm
Sleeve: 72cm

1 review for Jetlag Jumper

  1. Katy

    These jumpers are my absolute go to. I live in them. The material just washes and washes and washes and the fitting is perfect sizing. I have one in small and one in large as I like to have one nice and fitted and another oversized.

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