One of the most amazing parts about living in Thailand, was how different each part of the country was.

We took as many trips as possible during our year there, but with work and other commitments we were limited by how far we could travel. Kanchanaburi, Koh Samet and Hua Hin, were just a few hours away – but it was the southern part of Thailand I was most excited about travelling, and coincidently, the part that was furthest away.

After S and I decided that we would be returning to England for a while, we sat down, ordered pizza, and made a list of all of the things we wanted to do, and all the places we wanted to see before we left for England. Which resulted in the decision to start our travels down south.

After enduring the horrific experience of the overnight train last time we hit the southern islands, we decided to fly straight to Phuket, and eliminate the risk of such events occurring again.

Phuket was the place I was least excited about visiting.

I had heard about the mass of tourists over the years that had turned it from an authentic part of Thailand, into a place full of souvenirs, parties and people trying to make a quick baht, and I hated the idea of going somewhere that lacked it’s original essence. But having said that, I’m also wise enough to know that you should never believe everything that you hear from others, and there are certain things you should see for yourself.

And, now that I’ve visited, I feel that Phuket is one of them.

Because whilst Patong was everything people had described to me and then some, when we rented scooters and took a tour of Phuket we saw so much more.

It had an interesting mix, because whilst the towns are crowded and look like they could be anywhere; Samui, Benidorm. Eh. The untouched part of Phuket has a calming beauty with cliffside views, isolated beaches and most importantly… Peace and quiet.

Unfortunately it looks as though commercialisation is spreading, with hotel constructions, shopping malls and the like popping up all over, so how much longer it will maintain this balance remains to be seen…

Have you ever been to Phuket?
What did you think?

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