Bangkok is lovely, but if you spend too much time there without a break it can get a little suffocating.

Traffic, both in people and vehicle form, leave you with the need to escape.

To get out of the city and breathe.

With three spare days on our hands S, Anna and I decided to pop down to Pattaya to see what it was like.
I had heard many rumours about what Pattaya was like; working girls, sexpats and a whole array of whispers, but whilst many of these rang true in walking street…
I found that Pattaya wasn’t nearly as seedy as people had suggested elsewhere.

Move away from walking street and the streets get clearer, the foot traffic thins out, less taxi’s try to rip you off and shops and restaurants line the sidewalks without a stereotype in sight.

And if you split your time between exploring Pattaya, its surrounding islands, and your hotel, you’ll leave feeling extremely refreshed.

Refreshed after a weekend in Pattaya? Who would of thought it!

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