Oxford Day Trip

The place known as the city of dreaming spires for its buildings that demonstrate examples of every English architectural period since the arrival of the ol’ Anglo Saxons.

It’s stunning, and not only is it filled with beautiful buildings but it’s also home to Oxford University: the oldest University in the English speaking world.

It’s absolutely stunning, and whilst I’d love to tell you more about the history behind this enchanting place, my time in Oxford was not spent exploring the tourist spots. (Not this time anyway – but we are planning another trip back soon!) This time we were there meeting this lovely lady.

And her lovely other half Dan.

Who for some reason has managed to escape pretty much every single one of the few pictures that I took except the one above.

I didn’t make many friends during our time in Thailand.
Probably because whilst I’m incredibly social, I’m not one of those people who calls everybody their friend. I prefer to make meaningful friendships and I was pretty lucky in the fact that those I did bond with, were not only incredibly interesting people, but they were people whose friendships, despite the miles between us, have lasted the distance. And Nattie is one of those people.

I met Nattie through that cheese-fry story I’ve told you about before, but we bonded over our love of cocktails, dancing and getting food no matter what the number on the clock said. Pretty much every time we ate together it was between the hours of 1 and 4am. BECAUSE FRIENDS THAT EAT TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER.

Nattie was in England for a few months, but conflicting schedules meant that it wasn’t until a week before she was due to fly back to Thailand, that we got the opportunity to meet up. And with Oxford being halfway between both of our locations, it made the perfect meeting point.

We spent the day wandering along cobbled streets and through secret alleyways with the occasional stop thrown in for: tourist photos, Morris and Garland dancer watching and multiple pub-garden stops for food and booze, enjoyed outside whilst soaking up the sunshine.

It was lovely to just be able to wander around a beautiful location and get so engrossed in conversation that I actually forgot I had my camera with me for most of the day.
And I couldn’t have asked for a better way, or company, to spend a sun-soaked day.

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