One Year

I had plans today.
Plans to go out, meet a friend, and catch up over cocktails.
Unfortunately S accidentally picked my keys up (as well as his own) this morning,
so I can’t leave the house or I’ll lock myself out.
I’m pretty much a prisoner in my own home.
Except with more chocolate and less ‘contraband’.
It sucks, especially because it’s sunny outside and the cravings for a banana and Dairy Milk Caramel milkshake are real. But it does mean that I have had time to sit and blog. So… HEYYY!
My favouritest little human was one on Monday.
Hayden's 1st Birthday 1 Hayden's 1st Birthday 2 Hayden's 1st Birthday 3
If you’re new here that little human is Hayden, my nephew.
He’s cheeky, smiley and he’s just reached that point in life where he thinks the word “no” is absolutely hilarious. Oh, and he’s recently learnt how to fist pump whilst repeatedly saying “Amy! Amy! Amy!”.
I don’t know who taught him that. *twiddles thumbs*
Hayden's 1st Birthday 8 Hayden's 1st Birthday 4 Hayden's 1st Birthday 7
It’s still weird to think that he has had a whole year of life.
That one whole year has passed since I took a cartoon of eggs into that hospital room and did a trade with his mumma. Chicken eggs for a newborn baby. It was a weird trade, but she had cravings and I wanted cuddles, so it all made perfect sense.
Hayden's 1st Birthday 6
A lot has changed since then Hayden, including you.
But two things remain the same…
Your mother is still the biggest pain in the butt,
and I still love you.
Hayden's 1st Birthday 5
Happy Birthday buddy! xxx