Off Road Segway Experience

The off road segway experience wasn’t an experience I expected myself to like, yet once I got over the whole ‘balancing’ issue, it was actually pretty fun.

I’m a firm believer that when you give gifts they should be one of two things; functional or fun.

You see, the functional gifts come in handy – especially if they’re socks or perfume, because who doesn’t use birthdays or Christmas as a way to stock up on those two things?

But for anything else I’m memories over materials. Always.

Fortunately, my brother knows me well, so when he recently got me a gift he gave me two tickets to for an Off Road Segway Experience. Obviously, I took S. Mainly because man he’s hilarious, but also I’m pretty sure it was a gift for him too…

Now for those who have been living under a rock, Segways are two-wheeled self-balancing scooters which blew up in popularity many years ago, but to be honest I never got behind the hype. Mainly because it just didn’t seem like my thing, but also because I’m just about balanced enough on my own two feet without adding a scooter in (which is supposedly self balancing) to the mix! But I’ll try anything once, so we booked a day and off we went.

The tickets were bought through Segway Events – a Segway touring company which operates from multiple locations across England. Our closest location was based in Horsham which is an hours drive from us, but S wanted to check out a bike shop close to there so the timing worked out pretty well.

Our off road segway tour was a tour through a patch of woodland next to a paint balling site, so after perusing the leather goods at the bike shop (I dream of having a race bike and a monochrome catsuit like I’m some sort of MotoGP rider, but one look at the price tag snips those dreams straight in the bud). Anyway, once we were done perusing, we nipped into Subway to smash out a meatball marinara sub and drove over to Holmbush Farm to take part in the tour.

The day started with me getting annoyed that I wasn’t allowed to use my GoPro or my own helmet, because I have photo-taking tendencies and I thought it would be cool to video, but the minute we hopped aboard I forgot all about any negatives. Mainly because I couldn’t focus on anything except not falling off.

You see, Segways are super easy to use once you’ve been on one for the first time and know what to expect – but the first time you step on one, it’s nerve-wracking. Segways are SO sensitive to the slightest shift in movement and when the instructor tells you not to jump off no matter what, you stiffen up in an attempt to keep the Segway balanced and not throwing you into the dirt.

We practiced in the carpark so that everybody in the group could learn how to control the segway and gain confidence in their movements – which weren’t always so confidently done.

But ten minutes later and I had the machine sussed.
We were one.

And we were off for some fun.

One by one we rolled forwards into the woodland, trying not to wobble as we went over every bump and branch the woodland had to offer, but after a lap of the course we were left to roam free. Which is where the fun started.

Wheeling through trees, over bumps which may well have been jumps and chasing S around because “ner ner you can’t catch me” is an invitation to do just that. It was actually a pretty fun day, and after successfully not falling off.

We celebrated our win with dinner and gin.

– – – – – – – – – –

Have you ever been off road segwaying?
What did you think of the experience?

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