Nu Muang

I’m a total water baby.
Baths, swimming pools, beaches or lakes.
There’s just something about being in that liquidy goodness that relaxes my being.
Which is why waterfalls are a favourite of mine.

DSC09566 DSC09541 DSC09559 DSC09562 DSC09569
Before our year in Thailand I had never seen a waterfall, but during our time in Koh Samui I discovered that the island had a few and I just knew that we had to go. Samui is quite big, but luckily for me S has a bike license, so with our helmets on tight and the wind in our hair, we set off to explore Nu Muang.
(Side note: please do NOT put your passport behind as a deposit when renting vehicles in Thailand. It IS illegal and it is the only thing allowing you into the country legally. Don’t risk it; leave behind a cash deposit instead!)

DSC09573 DSC09576 DSC09594 DSC09603 DSC09613
There are two entrances Nu Muang, (which are signposted as “waterfall 1” and “waterfall 2” – original eh!?)
Both boast tranquil green scenery and water that cascades beautifully down the rocks, the only difference is that entrance one takes you to part that is 18 meters high, and entrance two takes you to part that is 80 meters high and takes 30 minutes to get to the top.

DSC09609 DSC09650 DSC09654 DSC09660 DSC09658 DSC09665 DSC09666 DSC09669 DSC09673 DSC09684 DSC09692
The walk to the top is easy to navigate with well-trodden footpaths and guide ropes, but is quiet as can be with just the sound of nature playing quietly in the background.
A gorgeous spot for relaxation, and all for a 20 ฿ (40p) park fee.