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If you’re looking to find Chichester Hairdressers, then Natalie Ewens Hairdressing has been my haircare secret for over a decade of my life.
Let’s have a vote. Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by Regina George your hairdresser.
Ok, good.
I’m not the only one then.

I have had more than my fair share of bad experiences with Chichester hairdressers.
I’ve had the wonky fringe cut courtesy of my mother.
I’ve had colour applied that was wrong for my skin tone.
I’ve had layers cut too short.
I’ve had fringes that weren’t right for my face shape and well, don’t even get me started on that time I had black hair.
But we go through that trauma in the hope of stumbling across a hairdresser that truly understands us.
A hairdresser that will tell you not to dye your hair black because you’ll look ridiculous.
A hairdresser that will warn you that your hair is totes going to turn orange because lol you can’t just put bleach on brown hair and expect blonde results you giant weirdo.
The way I see it is searching for a hairdresser is a lot like searching for a friend.
You need someone reliable, somebody, who knows what’s best for you – even when you don’t know yourself and you most definitely need somebody you can trust.
Unfortunately trust in a hairdresser can’t be tested until you’re sat in the chair, and by then it’s pretty much too late if you’ve placed your trust in the wrong hands, but for the past decade I haven’t had to deal with that because I found a Chichester based hairdresser that I can trust, and that salon is Natalie Ewens Hairdressing.

Natalie Ewens has worked in hairdressing since she was 15.
She started as an after-school trainee at Q before gaining her apprenticeship. She trained hard gaining experience in various different cut, colour and styling techniques whilst also entering regional competitions, with her most recent of note being the Schwarzkopf YATS competition. Since then Natalie has gone full circle returning to Q, the company she started her career with, before launching her own Chichester-based business: Natalie Ewens Hairdressing.

The business initially started as a home-based salon and mobile business that provides salon quality results to customers who had the choice of receiving treatment in the comfort of their own home (YAY PYJAMAS), or in the cosy extension she has opened in her home. But as of 2017, Natalie Ewens Hairdressing officially has her very own salon. A salon which can be found at: 4 Bognor Road, Chichester PO19 7TF.
Over the past decade Natalie Ewens Hairdressing has been consistent with maintaining (and rescuing!) my locks. She rescued them whenever I got cheap and it all went wrong. Like when I went to a popular brand of hairdresser chains and asked for a light brown and they died it black, or when I thought it was a good idea to use box dye and went ginger, or when she rescued me with her knowledge and hair care advice when I damaged it from using ALL the bleach. She’s been there throughout it all, and even though I’ve had brief flings with other salons, Natalie has never begrudged me and now takes pride of place as the only person I trust to do my hair.

I feel a little bad that it’s taken until now to write about Natalie Ewens Hairdressing, especially considering that I get complimented on my hair so much, but truth be told I’ve always kind of liked having my very own hair care secret. But now I know that I’ve been selfish. I know that a good hairdresser is hard to find and keeping them a secret is an injustice, so I’m officially sharing my secret, and that secret is Natalie Ewens Hairdressing. Because whilst I may brush my hair and occasionally style it – Natalie’s the one who has managed to tame my mane and made it look all chic and shiny and stuff.
So, if you’re looking for a hairdresser who genuinely cares for that head of yours and provides honest advice on what your particular hair type needs or can tolerate, Natalie Ewens Hairdressing is the salon for you!
To contact Natalie Ewens Hairdressing:
Address: 4 Bognor Road, Chichester PO19 7TF
Phone Number: 01243 699336
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