My Shop Is Live!

Is it possible to be dead and alive at the same time?

This is the question I find myself asking myself (because we’re all totally guilty of talking to ourselves amirite?) as I lay in the bath soaking away the stress of a weeks worth of 2am bedtimes, and as I lay there slowly turning pink in a bath that’s way too hot, I realise that even though i am dog-tired I actually have no interest in sleeping.

You see it’s 7:10pm on a Wednesday (or at least it was when I wrote this in my notepad so let’s just pretend I’m all organised and whatnot and posted this on time, k?). So, yeah. It’s “7:10pm on a Wednesday” and the shop section on this very blog has just gone live. I know this because even though I was too engrossed in eating (standard) to realise the time myself, my phone went off repeatedly. I assumed it was emails from Dominos or that long lost uncle in Nigeria with all of the real estate getting back in contact again, but when I looked and saw that it was because people had placed orders despite the fact that I hadn’t announced it yet, I was, well, I’m not sure what words to use to describe what I was so until I figure out the euphoric cocktail of emotions I was experiencing, let’s just say that I was floored. I was excited, I was shocked, and I was nervous, and I was nervous because despite planning to do this for ages, it wasn’t until those orders came through that it actually felt… real.

Even now it feels strange to say that I’m a business owner. Launching a shop element to my site was something I’d always wanted to do but wasn’t sure that I would actually do because I’m terrified of the whole putting myself out there and failing thing. Which I know is a stupid mentality and trust me, I’mma working on that, but it feels strange because despite having those fears; I managed to do it anyway… Something I wasn’t actually sure I was capable of.

What’s all this shop lark about (I pretend) you ask?
Well, I’m creating have created a selection of products (made by me!) ideal for those travel lovers. It will feature cards, journals, prints and other apparel and whilst there are only a selection of items which I have launched with, I’m going to be growing my product selection over the next few months to include a whole lot more!

That’s basically the end of this self-indulgent post because I pretty much just popped in to say “AMAGAD YOU GUYS MA SHOP IS LIVE” so I’ll leave this there, and say that now that the hard part is over I have free time again (yay!) so I’ll be back in a few days to with all of the details from our recent escapades in Belgium! In the meantime if you fancy checking out my shop you can do so by clicking here or by clicking on the “shop” section on the toolbar above!

I hope you like it,
Amy xx

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