My Favourite Travel Buddy

This is S.

If you’ve been on my blog before there’s a 85% chance that you’ve seen his face, and if you haven’t here’s another picture.

Cute, eh?
His real name is Sam, but to be honest I’ve been calling him S on here for such a long time that it actually feels weird to write those extra two letters on the end of his name. S is my partner in love, life, laughter and crime. (Just kidding about that last one, mum!) But he’s also my partner in travel; not just because we have similar interests in terms of seeing ALL the things, but because he’s occasionally funny so I figured I should keep him around.

S is the travel buddy I never had to hope for. He’s kind, considerate and the type of person who’s “all in” when I suggest we travel across France because I saw a dish called aligot that I really wanted to eat. He also lets me have the window seat on aeroplanes at least 45% of the time because he knows being in the air is my favourite view. The other 55% he’s a right douchebag and keeps it for himself. The fucker. Nobody’s perfect I guess.
My relationship with S began when I was 17 and had barely left England.
Since then we’ve travelled together for every trip where I’ve left the country. Which makes me sound like one of those weirdos who can’t leave their boyfriend’s side; which is definitely not the case. (I leave the country without S in May – I promise I am capable!) But he’s awesome. I’d invite you all to travel with him and see for yourselves, but he’s my travel buddy and I love our adventures.
Our first trip was to Greece

Our second was to France

And our third was to Thailand.

Since then we’ve been to Belgium, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and a whole lot of France.
We’ve been skydiving, scuba diving and scootering across islands. We’ve had nights in, nights out and road trips across Europe – and throughout it all I’ve learnt that there’s nobody I’d rather travel with (sorry friends!). It has nothing to do with him being my boyfriend, although that is super handy when we travel somewhere cold and I need me some body heat, but it has everything to do with who he is.

S is naturally curious and whilst he never shouts about his passions, they’re always there simmering in the background waiting for a few “vacation days” to be let loose. He indulges every random quest for food I throw his way, he’ll try anything and succeed whether it’s snowboarding, motocross – jeez the man could take up knitting and nail it within a few hours. The only thing S cannot succeed at is staying awake in taxis after a few drinks…
He is K-the-eff-O’d in that situation.
But above all, he’s considerate. He knows that people have their up days and their down days and sometimes need space, but he also knows that sometimes you need fresh air and that he can coax you outside the house with the mention of food. He knows that on the days where you can’t leave your apartment because you accidentally threw up in the elevator and (even though it’s been five days) you’re still too embarrassed to leave in case you see the reception lady because you know your puking antics are on CCTV… He’ll bring you food until you’re ready to face your embarrassment and stop being a hermit.

I know this post is all mushy and gross because he’s my mister, but I didn’t think I’d be lucky to find a travel buddy like him, yet alone it actually be him. When we first got together travel wasn’t even on his radar. He loved skiing every year and wanted to see more of America but that was it. There wasn’t a desire for more. We got together in 2008 and in 2012 I thought we would break up because I couldn’t see our futures aligning when I wanted to travel and he wanted to settle down. Yet here we are, a decade later with a kazillion memories under our belts.

S is great not just because he’s kind, passionate, hardworking or fearless – there are areas where he is vulnerable too, but because when it comes to experiencing life he jumps straight in, both feet first. It’s something that as a chronic over-thinker I admire more than he’ll ever know. I’m going to stop with the mush now because S is moaning that I should be asleep and to be honest my nice:sarcastic ratio is way out so I need to go and through some sass around. But I’ll finish this post by saing this:
Having a travel buddy is a bit like salt and pepper.
You don’t need one – a trip will still be good without it, but it just helps make it that little bit more delicious.

– – – – – – – – – –

Who’s your favourite travel buddy?