Motorcycle Trip: Aigues-Mortes

Do you ever start your day on the back of a motorbike, screaming “AMAGAD MINGOS” over your helmet intercom because you’ve just seen flamingos, IN THE WILD. And you’re so excited and thinking to yourself “I’ve just seen motherfucking mingos” all smug and whatnot because there’s NO WAY this day can get any better, but then it does because BAM. Right there in front of you is a walled city and you get to go inside of it?
Me neither.
Except this one time I totally did.
Lemme rewind.
S and I woke up in Montpellier after a particularly fine food feast, only to discover that the food coma we fell into the night before had caused us to oversleep our alarm. I didn’t think it was a biggie, but S was dismayed because he had plans to take us somewhere, so after sweet talking the exceptionally kind receptionist at our hotel, we extended our checkout by a few hours and we were off on a mystery trip.

A mystery trip which saw us go off past the tram lines, past the shops, onto a motorway and around a roundabout before stopping outside somebody’s house. Mainly because we were a little bit lost and needed to check the map, but also because there was a dog and we all know that I’ll stop dogs, always.
Turns out the dog was not friendly whatsoever and was more of a “amagad let me eat you” type dog than a “amagad let me be loved by you” type dog. We ignored it for a little while whilst we perused our maps, but after the dog almost jumped over the 6ft fence to get to us, we hastily put the map away and continued on our journey.

Eventually we made it onto the right road (turns out we had originally turned off a little too early) and as we biked along the motorway, the bridges and feilds dispersed and were replaced with waterways. The waterways widened with each metre that we rode and as the coastline came into view, there I was: sat comfortably on the back of our bike screaming “AMAGAD MINGOS” over my helmet intercom because I had just seen flamingos, IN THE WILD. And I was so excited and thinking to myself “I’ve just seen motherfucking mingos” all smug and whatnot thinking there’s NO WAY this day can get any better, but then it does because BAM. Two minutes later and there, in front of me, is this:

And we were going inside.
Aigues Mortes is located just a few miles outside of Montpellier’s main centre and is a French commune with some incredibly well preserved medieval walls. Rumour has it that the city’s foundations were laid as early as 102bc, but there’s no evidence to support this outside of a few ill-sourced articles and so the origins of it’s foundry are a mystery. What’s not a mystery though, is how gorgeous it is, because it’s open to the public and you can see for yourself!
Before we went inside S wanted to do a lap of the walls to see how big it is. Turns out the answer is “pretty fucking big” and so we stopped on the corner so that S could get a picture with the length of the wall in the background (it was a struggle). Because yano, picture or it never happened, but also because S looked like a sexy-ass power ranger, so you betcha sweet ass I wanted to document that.

I had completely the wrong lens for places as magnificently vast as Aigues Mortes and so I stood on a nearby fence with S’ phone to attempt a better angle. As I did so I noticed that just behind me was a pink lake… I kid you not. It was the stuff that instagram grids are made of, but unfortunately because I’m not 12ft tall and we didn’t have a drone with us, I couldn’t get a decent photo of it. So instead I snapped a shot of S, said “that’ll do” and hopped back on the bike so that we could go and play.
After completing our lap of the castle we came full circle and ended up right outside the carpark… Which, thanks to a massive gap between the bollards, we were able to ride straight into free of charge #MotorbikePerks. The only downside was that there was nowhere private for me to change… So a (very public) hop skip and a clothing shuffle later, and I was able to go from head to toe bike gear, to this

Without so much as a single nip slip.
Whilst S just shimmied off his bike gear because somebody had the common sense to put clothes on under his bike gear before setting off that morning.
Hindsight, eh.
It’s a wonderful thing.
Whilst S did his 30 second transformation and tied our helmets to the bike, I was busy watching this gorgeous house over the road, patiently waiting for the owner to disappear so that I could capture my shot, whilst the owner took his sweet time enjoying a cigarette on his balconette. In his own home. How dare he.

Gorgeous though, isn’t it?
Turns out I need not had spent so much time focussing on just the one house because just behind us, encircled by walls big enough to warrant a zombie apocalypse escape plan, were rows upon rows of the most quaint shop-fronts and houses.

Every direction teased you with the promise of more property porn, and as I wandered along the streets I became so enraptured by my surroundings, that I lost S for a little while.
Turns out he’d just followed his nose and I found him a few minutes later suspiciously close to a meat shop with a tactfully placed leg of Jamon just teasing us from the sidelines.

It didn’t take long for me to discover why S was stood stupefied in the middle of the square, and that’s because no matter which direction you faced, the hauntingly-good smell of breakfast was coming at you from every direction.

Freshly baked pastries spilled out of shop doors and baskets lined onto the streets, cured meats hung behind floor-length glass windows, postcard stations twirled in the wind and the smell of freshly baked goods danced around them. The aromas enticed you from every direction and, fresh faced and hungry, we didn’t stand a chance.

We decided to walk around and see what we fancied before committing to a restaurant, but our noses kinda chose for us as we couldn’t resist the lure of freshly made crepes.
Banana and Nutella for me

And I haven’t the foggiest what S ordered because yano, too focussed on food…
So here’s another picture of my breakfast instead.

Unfortunately we didn’t have long to roam Aigues Mortes because we were on a race against check out time, so after a few pictures in the square

And a quick stroll around the city

We bid the place au revior

Before slipping back into the carpark for another public 30 second makeover before disappearing into the distance…

– – – – – – –

Have you ever been to Aigues Mortes? If not, would you?
Let me know in the comments!