Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong is a festival that takes place annually in Thailand.

It is celebrated in the evening of the full moon, on the 12th month, in the Thai lunar calendar, which for us Westerners is usually mid-November. Directly translated it means floating crown, which is quite literally what it is.
Traditional krathongs are made from a slice of banana tree trunk, with incense and candles taking centre stage, whilst banana leaves and flowers are decorated beautifully around it. You start off by lighting the incense and candles then you place the krathong into the water (some people also make a wish) and watch as it floats away! The tradition started with people releasing krathongs as a way to pay respect to the water God ‘Phra Mae Khongkha’ and has been celebrated annually ever since. The krathong represents the celebration, and each part of it has meaning. The lit candle venerates the Buddha in light, and the floating krathong symbolises the person letting go of all of their hatred, anger and negative thoughts. It’s one of the most beautiful festivals I have witnessed.

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