I’m a pudding girl.
Cake, crumble, mousse or pie.
You name it I love it – there’s no discrimination here!
So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled into LeNôtre.

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LeNôtre is the work of Gaston Lenôtre.
Born in 1920, he and his wife opened their first pastry shop in Pont-Audemer in 1947.
Since then Gaston’s success has radiated enabling him to open stores in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and onwards.
Luckily for me LeNôtre is available in Thailand.

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I now understand why they display their goods under glass counters…
To protect those delicious little waistline-destroying pieces of perfection from people salivating all over them whilst they try and choose.

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Trying to chose is a mission in itself, it would probably be easier to eat every single thing on the dessert menu, than pick just one. But I cant recommend you do that because you’d get diabetes, and diabetes is really pretty inconvenient.
So instead, just set yourself enough time to consider the menu carefully.
S and I didn’t have time to sit down in the cafe, as we were just passing through, but that wasn’t a problem because you can take the desserts away to enjoy at home… If they make it that far! They pack your puddings away in a brightly coloured box, lined with cool packs so that they don’t melt. We made it home, proud of ourselves for resisting the urge to pull the car over and devour them on the way.

S ordered a chocolate mousse and a chocolate concerto.
I ordered vanilla flan and tiramisu.
Yes we ordered two each!
Choices are hard, okay!
We both gained about ten pounds in two days, but let me tell you. It was worth every calorie.
For the sake of your health, it’s probably best to stick to it as a treat every once in a while though!

You can find LeNôtre on Langsuan Road in Lumpini or at Siam Paragon.

Alternatively you can find there website <here>