La Table De Tee


Finding a new jewel in Bangkok is always a pleasure, especially so when the jewel is tucked down a dead end soi between a beauty salon and a massage parlour.

S and I had been looking to experience a tasting menu for a while in Bangkok, however with the prices exceeding the triple noughts, we had never got around to doing it.
But then we found La Table De Tee.

La Table De Tee is a restaurant run by Thai chef Chatree Kachonklin, or as everybody calls him, Tee. Tee worked his way up through the ranks all the way to Chef De Partie at Roussillon, (a Michelin star restaurant in London), and his restaurant is a collaboration and celebration of his fine dining past, and his home grown tastes. Rather than running an a la carte menu in his restaurant, Tee runs a permanent tasting menu, which costs 1,150b, is changed weekly and offers six courses, with three of the courses offering a choice between two options. The menu is based upon whichever fresh ingredients he can get his hands on and displays an array of interesting and unique flavour combinations. Such as;
A variety of fresh pastries.

Table De Tee © 1

The creamy crab and Thai herb custard, served with seaweed tempura.

Table De Tee © 3 Table De Tee © 2

Juicy pink duck breast served with braised peas, bacon and baby sprouts with a kaffir lime dressing and duck jus.

Table De Tee © 4 Table De Tee © 5

Creamy spinach risotto with quail eggs and spicy chorizo with a chicken jus.

Table De Tee © 6 Table De Tee © 7

Pan fried snapper with roast eggplant, glazed shallots, crispy fish skin and scrambled eggs served with a curried pineapple sauce.

Table De Tee © 8 Table De Tee © 9

Pan seared cut of beef topped with truffle with creamed potatoes and served with baby vegetables and an apple roasted jus.

Table De Tee © 10 Table De Tee © 11

Hazelnut and dark chocolate fondant with coconut ice-cream and a cocoa tuille.

Table De Tee © 12 Table De Tee © 14

Lemon parfait with vanilla biscuit, berry ice cream, lemon sauce and mixed fruits.

Table De Tee © 13

The evening is then finished off with peanut butter macaroons and passion fruit jelly,

Table De Tee © 15

Which were disappointingly average. Luckily the rest of the meal was delicious, so that more than made up for it!

You can find La Table De Tee here
Or by calling +66 2636 3220