Koh Samet

Whilst I love Bangkok, it’s nice to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.
S and I have our friends Jamie and Sybil over at the moment, and desperate for an excuse to get to the coast we booked a little getaway to Koh Samet.

Koh Samet is a quiet, partially developed island where many Thai locals go on the weekend.
The boat across departs from Rayong and you can get there from Bangkok in three hours…
If your bus driver isn’t moonlighting as a taxi driver and picking up random people on the way!

After a day of travelling out of the big mango, we decided to spend our first day along the beachfront to relax and really take in the beauty of our surroundings. What we weren’t expecting was for the beach to be so quiet.
We had heard many people tell us that on the weekends people came here to party, yet most of the beach was taken up by local businesses and people lazing in the afternoon sun.
It’s not often you get a beach almost to yourself in Thailand, so we thought we’d make the most of it and take some photos.

I tried to be creative in my pose and throw water…

But got my flipflop stuck in the sand and went flying backwards

Apparently creative photos don’t work for clumsy people.

After a while the sand started to get a little itchy.
So we retreated to the pool and chilled out overlooking the beach instead
After drying off in the sun

We wandered over to Tom’s Pizza Resort and snuggled up on some lounge chairs.
whilst the boys chowed down on pizza, I took a little nap.
And when I woke up the beach was just as calm as we left it.

I think I love it here.

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