Ilios Eindhoven

Dining in Ilios Eindhoven was something that came about by following my trusty ol’ senses.

After all, dining in a new city can be difficult.
Especially one which you haven’t been to before!
Ilios is located in the Dommelstraat region of Eindhoven and S and I discovered it as we were wandering along letting our noses dictate the direction we’d venture in. We’d just spent the day watching the Valkensward motocross and were well and truly hungry!

We’d walked past numerous restaurants on our quest, but couldn’t decide upon what we wanted (standard behaviour!). Which is when we smelt Ilios Eindhoven. The scent of rich Mediterranean flavours drifted through the city air and before we knew it we were walking through the door of Ilios Eindhoven.
The decor inside Ilios is cosy yet minimal. Exposed brickwork, is broken up with white walls and an abundance of greenery – giving it a natural feel, made homely from the dimmed lights and candles placed on each table.

After being shown to our table we were passed menus to peruse, along with a shot of Sambuca—not our usual choice of aperitif, but hey. Who wants to turn down free booze?
Turns out I turn down free booze.
Not wanting to relive the horrors of my teenage years, which would no doubt be brought back to memory with the taste of Sambuca, I gave my shot to S who happily swigged it back.

Whilst he was busy with the shots, I was perusing Ilios Eindhoven’s menu, which was filled with Greek flavours. The menu was split into starters, soups, meat and fish and oven and grill and offered fresh, focussed flavours. The menu was uncomplicated, yet still provided a variety of choices to get lost in.

I chose a cold starter of melon with parma ham, which came with pine nuts, pesto and balsamic syrup. A combination I wouldn’t usually opt for as I’m a huge fan of melon and Parma ham on their own, but the flavours worked well and added something extra without detracting from the initial flavours too much.
S went for the Keftedes, or to you and me: meatballs.
Which were served in a beautifully rich tomato sauce which was lovingly mopped up afterwards with some bread by me! All about that carb life!
For my main, I chose Filleto Kolonaki.
Which was pork fillet served with a rosemary sauce and creamy dauphinoise potatoes, with a side of vegetables.
S went for a plate of chips.

With a mixed grill underneath.
Originally I thought his choice was a little… Boring. The menu was filled with so many flavour combinations and I thought he was copping out. But it turns out that whilst it seemed simplistic, the dishes were actually pretty flavoursome. He had lamb chops, pork, souvlaki and gyros, all perfectly flavoured and served with aioli.
As the waiter took the plates away he asked that age old question… “Would you like desserts?”
We weren’t planning to, as we were pretty full from dinner, but I have this characteristic that I can’t change. And that characteristic is that I always look at the dessert menu. You can judge – but a girl needs to know what she could be missing!
My eyes glossed over the menu before halting to a stop over the words Dame Blanch. I’d never tried a Dame Blanch before because ice-cream, cream and molten chocolate sounds a little too creamy for my liking. But for some reason, I was in the mood for it, so S and I decided that we would share one.

The Dame Blanche came out with an apple slice on the side, which felt a little like ordering a diet coke to go with a large big mac and fries at McDonald’s. But let’s face it, I’ve never cared about calories and I didn’t plan to start.

It was such a simple combination, but a delicious one and ended our meal perfectly!

After squaring up the bill we bid farewell to Ilios Eindhoven and took a walk around the street-lit city to try and help digest some of our meal before heading back to our hotel, where I fell into the deepest sleep I think I’ve ever had.
So if simple dishes with beautiful flavours are your thing, then I’d definitely recommend popping into Ilios Eindhoven if you’re ever in the area!
You can find them via:
Address: Dommelstraat 26, 5611 CL Eindhoven, Netherlands
Phone Number: +31 40 368 4080

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What about you – have you ever eaten at Ilios Eindhoven?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Jasmin N says

    That looks so delicious! I’m starving now hahah 😀

    <3: Jasmin N

  2. Kitty Limon says

    everything looked delicious 🙂

  3. Nirvashna P says

    Looks so good!

  4. Sabra of Great Green Heron says

    Looks like a great meal! I love it when a restaurant does it better than my husband and I could do at home.

  5. Lauren Kunin says

    Ooh yummy! The dinner and dessert look really yummy! I love food posts. And ps you’re super pretty

  6. Nazrin Miah says

    I usually use TripAdvisor for everything! Now that you’ve said that they’re not so reliable I’ll have to re-think using it anymore! You look amazing, and the pictures make the place look incredible! I love restaurants you go into spontaneously but love in he end!

    • It’s good for inspiration Nazrin – but the part that I don’t like is having worked in the food industry I know that some customers are just REALLY difficult and their comments can be unfair and blown out of proportion. It’s not all bad and does help people find new places to explore! Try checking local blogs to the area you’re looking to dine in, they often have amazing suggestions! xo

  7. Jennifer Morrison says


  8. I know – I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before this trip! It’s so simple but so delish xo

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