How To Dress For English Weather

You’d think that living in England would make me somewhat of an expert when it comes to dressing for the weather. Buuuuut you’d be wrong.

You see, English weather is incredibly unpredictable and as a result nobody really knows what to wear. To be honest I, along with a ton of other people I’m sure, would quite like to go outside in England wrapped in a duvet. Especially with this current freak “beast from the east” snow we’re having. But apparently it’s frowned upon, so that isn’t an option. Godforsaken social acceptance.

Anyway, I saw a post on a travel blogging group recently where somebody was confused about what to pack (clothes wise) when visiting England and I figured I’m qualified enough to answer because I live in England AND I wear clothes. So I’m pretty sure that makes me an expert. I’m also pretty sure that said person was just looking for a Facebook response, but I’ve already written 150 words and haven’t even got to the details yet so let’s just agree that Facebook wasn’t the best place for me to pen keyboard that response.

So let’s begin shall we.

The trick with dressing for a trip to England, is to always be prepared:
Keep an umbrella in your purse
And a hot water bottle/hand-warmers
And snacks.

The umbrella is because there’s a 95% chance of rain.
The hot water bottle/hand-warmers are because what’s not to love about being warm?
And the snacks don’t need a reason weirdo. You should always have snacks. They’re great.

The best way to be prepared for England’s unexpected weather, is to nail the whole layering thing. Layering clothing means that as the weather changes you can add or remove items to adjust to the change in temperature. It sounds simple, but there can be a knack to it depending on your personal style. My style changes with my mood, but above everything I hate being cold. So when I’m dressing for a day out in questionable English weather, I’ll wear all the things. Typically something which looks like this:

Minus the wellington boots. Wellies aren’t always needed. They were needed this day because we were at a Motocross event but I don’t usually wear them unless I’m somewhere muddy. Outside of muddy places you’ll usually find me in a pair of Dr Martens because they’re comfortable and are adaptable to almost all weathers. The welly boots are just in this photo because I don’t take many full length photos and I needed this one for this post. You see this is what I typically look like when wearing all the things. I look relatively put together (you can’t see the patch of mud on my back from falling on my ass in this photo), but underneath that smile I am wearing a ridiculous amount of clothing. In addition to underwear I am wearing:

High-waisted trousers
Knee high socks
A cami
A shirt
A jumper
A jacket
A coat
A scarf
A hat
And a pair of sunglasses
I’m also wearing a backpack which has snacks and an umbrella in because I’m always packing. But despite wearing a kajillion things, I’m ready for most circumstances. For example; this is what my outfit looked like underneath the jacket, coat, scarf and hat.

I was able to go straight from motocross, to a much needed dinner out.
Kind of.
I changed my shoes before we hit the restaurant, but that’s the only thing I changed because uh, was hungry so no dilly-dallying was allowed.

But that is what I mean when I say that layers are key.
By wearing what is essentially an entire wardrobe; you can add or take away items as the weather improves/worsens. This type of outfit is applicable to 99% of English weather.

That’s a made up statistic but summer days with no wind and temperatures which are actually considered as hot everywhere, and not just in England – are incredibly rare.

When a hot English day occurs it’s wonderful.
And you should absolutely peel off all off every single layer and frolic through the fields/city/wherever you are because it won’t last for long. Dust off the barbecue, crack open a cider (if you’re old enough – DRINK RESPONSIBLY PALS) but just remember that once the sun goes in, so does the warmth. So the whole layering thing is still vital. Scarves are always my favourite thing to layer with because you can use it as a scarf, a blanket, or if you’re super tired and fancy a nap you can scrunch it up into your very own wearable travel pillow.

If you’re looking for style inspiration on what to wear, I’m probably not your best bet because I’m still working out what my personal style is, but I do have an abundance of outfits (worn by people who dress much more stylishly than I do) over on Pinterest which you can find here.

The thing to remember when dressing for English weather, is to wear everything because then you’re always prepared. I’m joking, that’s terrible advice. And would create way too much laundry. Basically if you’re visiting England just assume that it’s always going to be cold and rainy, and that any day where it is neither of those things is a blessing. If you can remember that, and an umbrella – you’ll be just fine <3

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