How My Travel Style Has Evolved

As I sat in traffic on my way to work this morning I couldn’t help but think about how much my travel style has changed over the years.

You see, we’re currently in the process of planning a trip for the end of the month (it’s not going so well at the moment, as the places we’re most desperate to see have return flights in the four-digits and I’m not about that life).
I was thinking about locations and it made me realise how different my travel style is now; because the things I now look for in a trip are so incredibly different to what they were on my first trip… I mean, I still want an abundance of sunshine because I’ll always be happier in a place where it’s warm, but with regards to the actual logistics of a trip and the process involved – I’ve come a long way!
In this post I’m going to be talking about my second trip abroad (Greece) as opposed to my first (Switzerland), because I was 11 on my first trip so didn’t have any input in the planning process. My second holiday however, I did – and the differences between my travel style now as opposed to what it was back then, is remarkable.
The second trip I ever took abroad was the first trip that I ever took with S.
We wanted to get out and explore somewhere new but couldn’t decide where to go (sound familiar?) so when I saw an all-inclusive deal for 7 days in Crete for the bargain price of £300 in the back of a TV magazine – we booked it. No research into the company offering the trip, no research into the area, no research into transfers. We just thought “hmm, that sounds good” and booked it. Trusting or naive, who knows.
That first trip was a learning curve in so many ways.
It was my first time abroad without family, it was my first time going away with S and it was the first time that we didn’t have anybody a stone’s throw away if we needed them. We were completely on our own (minus the transfers to the airport because our parents are total babes).
The transfers on the other side however, were a nightmare. Not because anything went wrong, but because we didn’t realise we’d be sat on a coach for hours – and when it’s so early in the morning, the last thing you want is a long transfer. The flights and transfer back were even worse (3am start after having to check out at 10am eww no thank-you).
Fortunately, the hotel was ok. I mean it was unremarkable, but ok. The same could be said for the food; I’ll never understand why hotels sell chips and bland pasta in Greece when Gyros exist. Regardless, it was the first time that S and I explored together and I loved it. We would eat breakfast prior to sunbathing in the mornings which would last for around fifteen minutes before I got restless and we went exploring (some things never change). But we also did a lot on our exploration days in Crete; we walked along the seafront and swam in the sea, we went to a waterpark, we took a boat trip and we rented out a quad bike and drove through the mountains.
Said quad bike broke halfway up a mountain which infuriated S as we’d just been upsold a newer model, but fortunately given that S is an automotive technician, we were ok.
Nowadays I don’t check all-inclusive holidays when looking at places to go. I know some are incredible, people have told me as such, but the only way I’m going to book one is if you can promise me that the all inclusive restaurant has food better than the places out on the street where people queue around the block. Until then I’m all about that bed and breakfast life.
Side note: I legit just wrote bread and breakfast in case you’re wondering what my mind set is like today.
Back then my travel style was about going for whatever’s cheapest. Nowadays it’s all about what there is to see. Because the more I see, the more I realise is yet to see. People, architecture, landscapes, food; the more I try the more I want, and the more I travel, the more I want to travel. I’ve learnt that more breeds more. Life breeds life and once you start getting a taste for it, your appetite becomes insatiable.

– – – – – – – – – –

What’s your travel style like?
Is it still the same as when you first started taking trips or completely different?
Let me know in the comments!

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