Hello Carvoeiro!

On Saturday evening I arrived in Portugal.
I stepped off the plane and was instantly swaddled in a 35 degree embrace.
My suitcase wheeled infront of me (I don’t carry much luggage so S and I shared a suitcase which he was very kindly wheeling!) all the way to the car rental shack.
Keys in hand we threw the luggage in the boot and got into the car.

Someone *cough* actually got into the wrong side of the car… It may or may not have been me, and it may or may not have happened because in England passengers sit on the left, because, yano, England is right hand drive. But Portugal is different, because in Portugal you sit on the right, because it’s left hand drive. You also drive on the left hand side of the road and drive around the roundabout anti-clockwise, which when you’ve being doing the opposite to the aforementioned your entire life, is a fairly foreign concept. Luckily I wasn’t driving, S was, and fortunately for me he’s a talented little thing and managed to get us to our villa safe and sound.

Unfortunately it was 10pm and dark by the time we arrived and I hadn’t packed my tripod so photos with my shakey hands were out of the question, but on Sunday morning as the sun peeked through the slatted shutters and awoke me from my slumber, I decided to grab my camera and take a few pictures to show you all around.

The villa was pretty damn big if I’m honest.
But that was kind of a requirement considering that there was 18 of us.
It was one great big family holiday filled with (some of) S’ family: a diverse, interesting bunch of people that ever since the beginning of mine and S’ relationship I have been welcomed in to, and to this day their love and wholehearted acceptance is still a very surreal feeling.

The inside of the villa was cool (literally), with slabbed tiles, marble stairs and a large kitchen.
The bedrooms were spacious and the bathrooms, were, well, bathrooms.
Nothing to write home about but they got the job done!

The outside however, was spectacular.
Not only did it have a veranda, strewn with flowers that weaved in and around the beams.

But it had a tennis court

(which could do with a little tender loving care).

A pool table.

Aaaaaaand our very own swimming pool!

We also had our very own lemon tree

Which turned out to be pretty darn handy for Gin O’clock.

Unfortunately that’s where the tour ends.
Mainly because after taking a few snaps I placed my camera down and ran and jumped in the pool.
But what I will say, is this:

The entire process of booking with Villa Plus was seamless and I’d definitely recommend booking with them. The intermittent aircon in our room was a struggle (it had a sensor on to ensure it cut out when people weren’t in the room, but unfortunately that meant it cut out when we were asleep). But anything we requested (we needed an extra parasol for the sun loungers) was provided and our host(? – not sure what you call company staff when you stay in a self-catered villa) went above and beyond her job description on our first night, when she realised we were delayed (we didn’t have a number to call her), she knew that local shops would soon be shutting so she went to the shop and brought us a variety of baguettes, juices, crisps and cheese etc so that we had a snack available when we arrived.
Which after an afternoon of travelling and missing dinner time – was very much appreciated!
Website: here.
Villa we stayed in: here.

– – – – – – – – –
Have you ever booked with Villa Plus?
Let me know in the comments!
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