Get Ready…

“2017 is going to be my year”
Is a sentence I’ve muttered to myself more over these past twelve days than I should probably admit.
But 2017 is already off to a pretty solid start so I really don’t care how cliche I am.

I spent the first week of the year bed-bound and full of flu which wasn’t the greatest way to start the year, buuuut... I did finally get around to watching all of the Harry Potters in chronological order, whilst wrapped in a duvet burrito, so yano, silver linings.

But movie-marathons aside, things behind-the-scenes have been increasingly busy.
Turns out trying to balance a full time job, doing human things like eating and stuff, and trying to source product suppliers which don’t want to take all of my money, my organs and (probably) my first child, was more time consuming and difficult than I imagined. So after stressing myself out, like all over-thinkers do, I decided that it was probably best that I start with a small selection of products and add more as business grows
(ohmygod will it grow? What if it doesn’t grow?) instead and things have been much simpler since!
… Kind of.
It turns out that being busy is kind of my thing so whilst the shop stuff began to tick along at a manageable pace, I thought it would be a good time to make myself even busier again by making some upgrades to this little old site of mine. which include…

A New Logo.
I loved my previous design but it always felt more like a header than it did a logo, and with the rise of paper plane popularity, I felt it was time for something different. Something I could truly claim as my own.

A Bucket List Update
Lists are great but if they get too long they’re a pain to read.
So I’ve updated the page to include relevant snapshots and links to the post I ticked it off in!

Finally Setting Up A Newsletter!
Yes, yes I know. I’m incredibly late to the party.
But I wanted to create something useful to send out each month because I’m pretty sure filling your inboxes with cute puppy videos is not the “thing” to do. So now that I’ve managed to concoct ideas which don’t revolve around dogs I’ll be popping up in your inbox once a month.
Yano, if you’re actually subscribed and stuff. (If not and you want to, you can do so in the sidebar to the right).

There’s so much that goes into e-commerce and I never realised quite how time consuming it would be to do it all. Terms and Conditions, Pricing Structures, Profit Margins, Policies, Delivery Dates and Packaging to name just a few, but it’s all getting there and because nothing sparks motivation like a deadline does, I’ve given my shop an official launch date and a fancy countdown clock which you can view here. I honestly can’t wait to finally be able to show you all my real life products/designs/items/whatever you want to call them, rather than just filling these pages with words about them!

How’s 2017 been for you all so far?
Any exciting plans?
Let me know in the comments!