Gelados And Companhia

This is the face of a girl who is hopelessly in love with Gelados and Companhia’s waffles and gelato.

This is the face of the girl who is sad that said waffles and gelato are all gone.

If you have ever tasted Gelados and Companhia’s gelato you’d understand why running out is such a sad occurrence. Because Gelados and Companhia doesn’t just make any gelato.
Gelados and Companhia make creamy, flavoursome, downright dreamy gelato.

So dreamy, in fact, that I felt like it deserved its very own blog post.
When we first arrived in Carvoeiro, it was late.
Too late for food as the restaurants were closed, and as S and I sat there nibbling on the baguettes and cheese that our host had so graciously left us, our minds wandered to food. More specifically what type of food there was available in the area.
S searched upon good ol’ TripAdvisor and saw that Gelados and Companhia’s gelato shop was number 2 in the entire area. Now after our previous experience with Mana Gelats in Barcelona, we knew that if an ice-cream shop can become top ranked on TripAdvisor, there’s a very very good reason. So the next afternoon we ventured down into Carvoeiro town to snoop this place out. It was closer than we realised.
Dangerously close in fact, because Gelados and Companhia was quite literally down the bottom of the hill in which our villa was located.
My nose found it before my eyes did, and high on the smell of freshly made crepes and waffles we ventured into the Gelados and Companhia shop. Rows and rows of gelato flavours lay magnificently before us luring us in as over 60 different flavours tantalised our tastebuds.

Our first time (yes we went more than once!) I didn’t fancy waffles, so I opted for lemon sorbet and Kinder Beuno gelato.

The lemon sorbet was sharp, sweet and smoother than an Austin Powers pick up line, but the Kinder Beuno flavour is where my addiction truly began. Not only was the gelato intensely Kinder Beuno flavoured, but the broken up pieces of Kinder Beuno gave the gelato a magnificent texture that elevated it ten fold.
So much so that we went back the next day.
Where I tried Kinder Beuno with a scoop of strawberry sorbet.
Which isn’t pictured because I was having a technology free day that day.
Aaaaand then we went back to Gelados and Companhia the next, next day.
Where I had it with a waffle.

A freshly made, right before my eyes, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, still warm waffle topped with… You guessed it! Kinder Beuno gelato.
Gelados and Companhia have been making homemade gelato since 2005, and their 10 years of service have not been in vain because I’d go as far as saying they have perfected the process, because their gelato is truly magical.

So if you ever find yourself along the streets of Rua Dos Pescadores in Carvoeiro.
Pop into Gelados and Companhia and get yourself some gelato.
I promise you won’t regret it!

– – – – – – – – –

Have you ever been to Gelados and Companhia?
Let me know in the comments!
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