Freshy Freeze

Located on the top floor of Central World in Bangkok is an exciting little
surprise just waiting for the chance to tantalise your taste buds.
Freshy Freeze.

Freshy Freeze is an ice-cream parlour with a slight twist…
There are many flavours to choose from, ranging from decadent options such as strawberry cheesecake, banana and fudge – to more healthy options such as mango
or a variety of sorbets. I’m a bit of a strawberry fiend so decided upon strawberry sorbet. The twist, is what came next. For you see, once you have ordered, you get to watch your ice-cream form right in front of your very eyes.
It begins with the fluid being poured onto a cold plate.

It’s almost like frying a crepe, except, yano, it’s cold. And ice-cream…
The fluid is continuously moved around until it solidifies.
Then it is moved around more.
and some more!
Until BAM.
He throws it in the air.
Time freezes as you imagine it dropping to the floor.
Your beloved ice cream, gone.
Doomed for a life in the trashcan after hitting the germ riddled floor.
He totally caught it… On his spatula – and it’s ok, even though he was reckless, you can totally forgive him and be impressed.
Once thoroughly thrown, the ice-cream is flattened.

Scooped up.

Popped in a cup, where the edges are smoothed in.
And then…

Your little cup of deliciousness is ready for consumption.
It takes a few minutes to prepare but it’s fun to watch and the flavour is definitely worth it. The flavour is sweet, but not too overpowering AND if you’re really lucky…
They let you squish and chop your ice cream too!

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