This is my face.

Today me and this face of mine went to get our photo taken for our Thai visa and work permit.

This is the outcome.
I would like to point out that this is not my face.
Well, it kind of is. But not really.

There’s a few reasons why.

Reason one:
My eyebrows are a lot thicker (and match…ish!) in real life.

Reason two:

This red bit of blah, that I gained from a lovely little spot, is missing in the photo…
Although now that I think about it, I’m not sure I really want to complain about that.
So scrap that reason.

Reason three two:

This little splodge is my birthmark.
I know, I know – it looks just like chocolate.

It’s really not, trust me. I tried licking it off many a time when I was little.

An educated guess tells me the lady that took my photo had a little play on Photoshop.
Now, I’m starting to think people don’t appreciate my freckly skin, as this isn’t the first time this has happened to me.
Last time I was made to look like this:

Which, even though I look more like a character from the Sim’s, than a human, isn’t actually that bad.

But nonetheless, it doesn’t really look like me.
I’m sorry Thailand.
As much as I love that you’ve given me perfect skin, I love my little splodge and my freckles and I’d really wish you’d stop taking them away!

  • Anonymous

    Freckles are funky. 🙂

  • D

    You look like nicole kidman a little bit!

  • Claire Mykura

    This happens all the time! No more passport photos with bags under your eyes or any kind of mole or freckle. If you want (or if your company request it) they can even put a fake suit on you. I needed one for my work permit. It’s scary.

    • Haha that’s so funny!
      Helpful if you’re in a suit-related pinch, but a little freaky / funny too!
      Glad to know i’m not the only one though! xo

  • you’re so pretty!

    • Why thank-you very much! xo