Blessed with yet another beautiful day in Bangkok, S and I wanted to get out and enjoy the sun.
Unfortunately I’m not one of these people that can sit still for long periods of time, so sunbathing was out of the question. Determined not to let a good day go to waste S turned to the good old Internet for answers, which is where he found Flowhouse.

Nestled in the metropolis we call Bangkok, Flowhouse offers an escape from the heat and traffic and into an experience of something new. A simulated wave machine awaits you to try your hand at flowboarding, which is described by the company as a mixture of surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboar.. basically any sport involving a board.
Water jets out at the bottom creating an ever flowing thin sheet of water, and with the underlying material resembling that of a trampoline, you needn’t worry about falling off.
Although you should brace yourself, because it’s definitely going to happen.

A shared 1 hour session will cost you 750B.
This is a set price and group sizes vary, so if you want a lot of time on The Flowrider, I suggest going off peak. You have two options on the Flowrider – bodyboarding and flowboarding.
Wanting to get the falling off part out of the way as soon as possible, I went straight onto the flow board.
**Pictures may be blurry due to the *ahem* inexperienced GoPro photographer!
This is me after 1 second.

This is 1.1 seconds in.

This is 1.2

And by 1.3 I was gone.
But it’s ok, because S was just as good…

On my next turn I decided to try bodyboarding instead.
Which after a few minutes of looking like a beached whale I actually started to get the hang of…
Which I would shortly regret.
Because on my next go I was refused permission to use the body board and had to go through the whole falling off thing all over again! Definitely not too good at flowboarding! But it is a heck load of fun.
But just a few warnings…

If you’ve ever wondered what I look like dripping wet, without make up… There you go!

  • You will get wet.
  • You will fall off… A lot.
  • Six year old children will be better than you.
  • Inadvertent flashing does occur so wear clothing over your swimwear and leave the speedos at home.

Update: Flowhouse has now closed.

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