Father’s Day

Here’s to the dad’s that put in the time, that never tell mothers “that’s your job, not mine.
The dad’s that wipe chins and noses and that don’t, ever complain or say that “they won’t”.
Here’s to the dad’s that manage to stay, when so many fathers are running away.
To the dad’s that care so much they adopt, and erase all the damage from previous rot.
Here’s to the dad’s that have done it alone, the ones that work hard to make their arms home.
To the mums who have had to parent both roles, and doing it all whilst maintaining control.
Here’s to the dad’s that can no longer be here, for fabulous memories that bring on a tear.
To the grandparent’s that helped bring their son up so well, even though there were moments when he put them through hell.
Here’s to the dad’s that postpone their dreams, to soothe their children and silence their screams.
Without anger, regret or even dread, they pick up their child and kiss their sweet head.
Here’s to the dads bought up in this world, and all of the examples, they have set for their girls.
To the son of his son, your story he’ll tell, and here’s to the father, that raised yours so well.
Here’s to the dads, that won’t compromise, just to see that gleam in your eyes.
Here’s to the dads that continuously care…
And here’s to my dad, for always being there.