Exploring Eindhoven

Exploring Eindhoven was something that, unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to do.
Due to the time constraints that came with being there for a two (full) day event it didn’t leave many daylight hours to wander around and check out the local museums.

What it did leave us with though, was a clear-skied, twilight filled evening, which was perfect for exploring Eindhoven on foot, and the best thing about going for a walk around a new city?
It almost certainly ends up with dinner!
Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in The Netherlands, and is often nicknamed the city of light.
Many believe that it got its nickname as the city of light when the company Philips set up shop there, but the truth is that it gained this nickname in 1870 after a factory opened in the Netherlands dedicated to producing flammable necessities. Pretty soon the Dutch began calling Eindhoven “Lichtstad” (which quite literally translates to lights) and the name has stuck ever since.
We ended up going for a walk and exploring Eindhoven’s town where, outside of the museums and cafes we found an abundance of street art.
An underground bike park

Beautiful buildings

And a heck load of restaurants.
We ended up making a little pit stop into a place I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce…

Where we started with a little platter whilst we perused the menu.

S had ham hock with a creamy honey and mustard sauce

Whereas I want for stew with a side of potatoes

It wasn’t as good as our meal the previous night (more on that later!) but it did the job.
The night was still young so we ventured out to do a little more of exploring Eindhoven…
When we ended up inside a one of The Netherland’s infamous coffee shops.

I’d never been in a coffee shop before, mainly because cannabis doesn’t really appeal to me in the slightest, but I’m a big fan of trying everything once, and as I hadn’t had pudding at dinner, I tried one of their cookies.
The experience was weird and made me WAY gigglier than usual and made my feet feel as soft as lotion which was an incredibly strange sensation, but to be honest – I hated it. I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t focus on things and as soon as I had a good idea, it was gone again. I felt as though I couldn’t keep a grip on my thoughts, and whilst I can see that that would appeal for people who want to switch off – I quite like being able to think.
After that we wandered back to the hotel where we chilled some random Dutch TV before slipping into the world’s most peaceful slumber…

Is exploring Eindhoven something you’ve ever done?
Let me know in the comments!

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