Driving To Belgium For Waffles

When I heard that we would be driving to Belgium there was one thing on my mind

(Why yes that corner is missing because I nibbled on it before taking the photo!)

Now, before I delve into these doughy little delights, let’s rewind a little.

On Easter bank holiday S and I decided to take a little European road trip to The Netherlands with some friends so that we could be there in time for the MX GP. You see S is obsessed with all things Motocross and let’s face it, I’m always game for a new adventure, so we got to planning and on Saturday morning we jumped into the car ready to pick up our fellow adventurers Laura and Jarad.

Once collected we made the drive to the Folkestone Eurotunnel where we realised that we had totally misjudged traffic… and were way too early.

After whipping out the chairs and chilling in the carpark whilst chowing down on a McDonalds brekkie (all about that healthy life) it was our turn to board.

and 35 minutes later we were in Calais!

We broke our trip into a few sections, going straight through France and driving to Belgium to stop for a few hours. We ended up stopping in a place called Antwerp and whilst it was a place I hadn’t heard of just a few weeks ago, it’s now one that I want to revisit.

The architecture is beautiful and very typically European meaning that you can’t help but gaze at everything around you as you wander through the winding streets.

We took a walk through Grote Markt and ended up at the Waffle Factory for a fuel break where I got me one of dem waffles (insert ALL the heart emojis!)

Seriously. Just look at it.

The waffle was everything I had hoped it would be.
Crisp outer, fluffy inner and smothered in Nutella.
It’s probably not the best thing to eat outside on a windy day… But it is definitely something that should be eaten.

We didn’t have long to stop in Antwerp as whilst it didn’t take long to get there (2 hours from the Eurotunnel) we still had another two hours to go and we wanted to be able to rest before dinner.
We made our way back to the car by taking the (unintentional) long way back.

And I came to the conclusion that Antwerp is the next stop on my weekend getaway list.
It took us four hours total to get there which, when driving, makes Antwerp closer to my house than Manchester!

Antwerp’s streets are lined with independent coffee shops, cute bakeries and all the shopping you could dream of… Seriously. Antwerp has everything from independent clothing shops, to fashion powerhouses.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to shop, nor browse the diamond district, but as I say, it’s definitely a place I’ll be coming back to!

With bellies full of waffles we climbed into the car and continued our drive until we reached our destination. After checking into our hotel we clambered into the rooms for an hour before freshening up and taking a wander through town.

Until we found a place for dinner.
After a day full of driving someone got a little bit tired…

So we made our way back to the hotel for an early night ready for the Valkenswaard MX GP the next morning. But more on that in another post…

Is driving to Belgium something you would do?
Or are you more of a plane person?