Day Trip To Bath

Do you ever wake up in the morning and think “I want to go somewhere different today?”

Because that’s exactly what happened on the weekend when we took a day trip to Bath.

Well… Kinda.

I woke on Saturday morning to a gentle elbow nudge from S.
“Amy, it’s 10am, wake up!”
I stirred and tried to look through heavy lids, “IT FEELS TOO EARLY” I grunted as I planted a swift kiss on S’s face and wandered into the kitchen to pop the kettle on. After a quick two minute shower whilst the kettle was boiling, I still couldn’t open my eyes and it baffled me as to why. I didn’t have hay fever, I wasn’t ill and I didn’t have an eye infection of any kind. It wasn’t until we were about to leave for our day trip to Bath, that I realised why my eyes were so heavy… It was because I had been lied to.
It wasn’t 10am as S had suggested… It was 7-something and my eyes were rejecting the early morning wake up call.

Nevertheless we plodded on.
We arrived in Bath at lunchtime and after parking the car beneath Waitrose we went straight into Bath for a wander around the city.

Bath is filled with narrow winding cobbled streets and unique architecture everywhere you look. Each building has its own characteristics but because most of the buildings were constructed with limestone, it creates a beautiful commonality amongst them.

After a great deal of walking we began to build up an appetite.
Well, I say we but the truth is S was hungry when we arrived in Bath, but I wasn’t, so we opted to go for a stroll instead with the aim of finding food along the way. What we didn’t count on, however, is good ol’ English opening hours. It was only half one when we were looking for lunch, but what we didn’t realise is that most of the restaurants in Bath run lunch service from noon until 2pm. Which meant that we couldn’t find a table…

Eventually we found a little restaurant along the river

I forget the name of the place because honestly the food wasn’t anything to write home about. But I had a four cheese pizza

Which looks (deceptively) good, but in reality tasted SO sweet I couldn’t actually finish it (first time for everything I guess!) and S had pepperoni pizza because, well because that’s his fave.

After finishing up our meals we took another stroll along the river before the sun decided to disappear.

I’d love to be able to tell you that we checked out the Roman Baths and that the lack of sun didn’t stop us from exploring the little nooks and crannies all evening… But if I did that I’d be lying.
Because the truth is, is once the sun disappeared so did we.
It. Was. So. Cold!

We’ve already planned to come back this year and to make a weekend of it (it’s only a three hour drive from Chichester!) and to finish truly exploring the area (and maybe make a lunch reservation…) because it’s a truly beautiful place with so much to offer. But what about you?

Have you ever taken a day trip to Bath?
Any places I should add to my “to see” list for when we go back?

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