Making: A living.
Wasting: My time.
Working: 50+ hours every week.
Struggling: To find balance.
Wishing: I had more time to explore and blog.
Looking: For ways to make it happen.
Struggling: To find work that doesn’t involve selling my soul for a decent wage.
Wishing: The world wasn’t so reliant on money.
Hoping: That when I hit my travel target I’ll feel like all the hours spent working were worth it.
Feeling: Deflated.
Wondering: Why this post sounds so negative when there’s also so much that I’m grateful for.
Tempted: To save this and never publish it.
Resisting: Because life’s not always a beach. Sometimes it’s an outright bitch.
Grateful: For the fact that I’m surrounded by love, friends, chocolate and Christmas trees.
Noticing: I find it so much more relaxing to be honest in my writing, than I do in person.
Enjoying: That I’ve created a place where I feel so at home.
Wondering: If it’s weird that that place is on the internet.
Hoping: That you all stick around because reading your comments makes my day.
Loving: Sam.
Because even though I (sometimes always) wake him up when I finish work at 1am or later, he’s always happy to see me. Because even though our fridge literally only has breakfast ingredients in it, he keeps it fully stocked. Because even though working stupid hours is driving me crazy, he reminds me why I’m doing it, and because even on my darkest day I know he’s got my back.