Currently: The 2018 Edition

In 2014 I wrote a list.
This list to be exact.
I thought it would be a good way to capture what it was I was feeling in that moment without spilling my metaphorical guts onto the internet. When I published that post I was exhausted from working ridiculous hours in an industry I wasn’t passionate about in a job I didn’t care about. I couldn’t see it getting better and I felt so defeated by it. It’s a negative list. There’s no way about it. But it’s also a list that I look back on regularly; because sometimes we need to look back in order to see how far we have come.

Which is why I thought it was time for a new edition. A glimpse into what things are like 4 years later.
So without further ado, I’ve been:
Making: Memories.
My perspective on life has changed so much over the past four years. In 2014 I had thrown myself into making a living chasing some ridiculous numerical figure because I was sure I’d be happy once I reached it. Nowadays the scales between work and life, saving and expenditure are much more balanced.
Wasting: No time in working towards my goals.
In 2014 I felt sorry for myself but here, in 2018, I’m on a mission to continue achieving my goals. Since 2014 I have changed my career, started a course in a completely new field and passed my marketing exam, built up my portfolio, worked with brands on my blog, travelled to new countries and opened my own ecommerce store; launching my own range of products – which you can find here.
Working: On discovering where I’d like to take my career next.
I write and I’m trained in marketing. I adore both. But if I’m going to develop a skillset I feel as though I should pick one to focus on… I’m just not sure which one!
Feeling: Happy.
Looking: For the sun.
Seriously, England, c’mon! It’s spring. Fancy throwing some Vitamin D our way?
Struggling: To balance projects.
I want to write a book, travel more countries, excel at work, release more products and tick more items off the ol’ bucket list. Sometimes having so many options means you can suffer with option paralysis. I mean, how do you choose which to focus on? (No really, that’s a question. Please help!)
Wishing: For an extra day between Saturday and Sunday.
Wondering: Where I should go next.
S and I have ten days off in a few days and we still haven’t decided where we’re going to. I love a bit of spontaneity but we should really decide because I feel as though we’re robbing ourselves of the joy which occurs when you have things to look forward to.
Resisting: Buying ALL the things.
S and I purchased our first home in August (I’ll write about this separately at some point) and it’s been a real balancing act between enjoying life, and buying material possessions. We sold most of our possessions when we moved abroad, and when we came back we rented furnished accommodation so we didn’t have many possessions. This meant that when we brought our first property it was very much a blank canvas. We had so many ideas for how to decorate our home but we have a rule that if we don’t love something, it doesn’t come inside our home, so at the moment everything feels a little empty, and not in a minimalist way. It’s getting there though so I’ll be sure to share some pictures once it’s done.
Grateful: For everything.
I live in a safe country with a relatively stable economy.
l’m surrounded by people whom I both adore, and adore me.
I’m finally working in an industry which felt completely out of reach previously.
For being fortunate enough to have the opportunities available to pursue the things I want to.
Noticing: That 2018 me has a much more positive outlook than 2014 me.
Enjoying: This crazy little thing called life.
Loving: S.
Always. No matter what state of mind I’m in, no matter what crazy project I’m working on and no matter what level of hanger I’m at; he supports me. It was true 4 years ago and it’s just as true today. But in addition to this; he’s considerate, kind and chases his dreams the moment he realises what they are. He’s a jolly good human, and I’m so lucky that I get to spend my days with him <3
– – – – – – – – – –

Since writing that list 4 years ago, almost everything has changed.
I can’t wait to see what happens in the next four!