Coconut Icecream

Coconut ice-cream is one of my favourite street foods, sold by vendors with push along carts, it is commonly sold in Bangkok.

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Inconveniently my spoon broke but at 25฿ for coconut meat, multiple scoops of rich and creamy ice-cream and the perfect antidote to a hot day, I think I can forgive him.

  • Sonja Müller

    I could die for this piece of shit.
    Really like your blog – especially about your time in BKK.
    Currently I am living here and also blog about it.

    Warm regards to England!

    • Hey Sonja – thanks for stopping by!
      I’ve got loads more posts to come – seems i did more in Thailand than I actually have time to write about!

      Hope you’re enjoying life in The Big Mango! x