One of the most amazing parts about living in Thailand, was how different each part of the country was.     We took as many trips as possible during our year there, but with work and other commitments we were limited by how far we could travel. Kanchanaburi, Koh Samet and Hua Hin, were just a few […]


Twirling, spinning, dipping and twisting. These are the moves made by the nocturnal creatures, as darkness falls and they come out to play.     The fiery fuel soaked balls known as ‘Poi” hang heavy on the end of chains as captivated travellers look upon the acrobatic actions with awe, wonder and the question of […]

The Overnight Train

When S and I were planning our travels to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui, I was ecstatic. Less so when I found out that instead of a 1 hour flight we would be taking an 11 hour train journey from Bangkok to Chumphon, combined with a one hour bus trip and a 45 […]

Phaeng Waterfall

Situated in the middle of the island of Koh Phangan is Phaeng Waterfall. A waterfall which has been a part of Koh Phangan’s National Forest Park since 1977. Thanks to its diverse landscapes, Koh Phangan has numerous waterfalls dotted across the island. Waterfalls such as Hin Lat, Than Sadet and Paradise waterfall to name a […]

Seven Spoons

When S and I were living in Bangkok we lived in a very Thai area called Pinklao. It was a mere 2 minute drive (or a fifteen minute walk if you could bear the heat!) to the Chao Phraya river but it was miles away from a MRT (underground) or BTS (sky train) station. Each […]

Travel Tales: Repatriation

I didn’t realise how hard repatriation would be. I didn’t realise that once I had seen my family, my friends, and eaten as many quintessentially English things as my stomach could handle, that I would miss the infusion of unknown flavours. I didn’t realise that when I came home, it wouldn’t feel like home any more.   […]

Koh Phangan Truths

If I say bread, people think of butter. If I say pop people think of corn. If I say Koh Phangan people think of full moon parties…     Which is a shame because the island is so much more than that.     Koh Phangan is an island notorious amongst travellers as a party […]

Koh Samui

During our year in Thailand, S and I visited Koh Samui twice, once as we were travelling the southern islands, and once more when S’s family came over, for a holiday.     During our first trip I loved Samui. The island had everything from beachfront luxury villas to boutique budget and at a first glance showed that it had everything you […]

Nu Muang

I’m a total water baby.     Baths, swimming pools, beaches or lakes. There’s just something about being in that liquidy goodness that relaxes my being. Which is why waterfalls are a favourite of mine.     Before our year in Thailand I had never seen a waterfall, but during our time in Koh Samui […]

Ang Thong

42 islands that rise directly up out of the sea are what make up the beautiful archipelago that is Ang Thong. Standing tall and beautiful, the limestone islands surrounded by gorgeous blue waters are what inspired Alex Garland to write the novel, ‘The Beach’. But whilst the ‘The Beach’ was inspired by Ang Thong it was filmed in […]

Travel Tales: Forgotten Passport

Today I got carried like a princess. I’m sharing this picture, which has nothing to do with princesses, but is totally relevant to the story, I promise. Now let me rewind. If you follow me on Twitter (WHICH YOU SHOULD TOTALLY ALREADY BE DOING YOU GUYS) then you are probably blissfully unaware of the fact […]

Wat Pho

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ll already know that we had S’s family over recently.     We always knew that they were planning to come over but unsure of when that would be, we made sure we saved a few sightseeing spots so that we could experience them for the first time, […]

Koh Larn

Koh Larn promised to be the perfect getaway. Close to Bangkok, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and an island without thousands of hotels. It sounded perfect, and was part of the reason for my recent trip to Pattaya.     Unfortunately it turns out that the websites I had looked at regarding Koh […]


Bangkok is lovely, but if you spend too much time there without a break it can get a little suffocating.     Traffic, both in people and vehicle form, leave you with the need to escape.     To get out of the city and breathe.     With three spare days on our hands S, […]

La Table De Tee

La Table De Tee was a restaurant I stumbled across when perusing affordable tasting menus in Thailand. I’d wanted to experience a tasting menu for a while in Bangkok, however, with the prices sitting in the triple digits, S and I had never got around to doing it. But then we found La Table De […]


Burgers.     Burgers are a food of the gods. Ok not really, but they should be. Meat, bun, and topping: it’s a deliciously simple combination with endless variations.   After a few months in Bangkok I was worried. It seemed no matter where I went the burgers were always average (at best). But then […]


Sheepshank is the newest addition to the Chao Phraya river. But unlike the usual hotels that flock to the river banks, Sheepshank is a little different.     Located just outside of Phra Athit (Pier 13), the old boatyard has been given a new lease of life with a sleek new makeover, which includes a […]

Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine

Bangkok is known for some weird and wonderful things, however one of the most unusual I have stumbled across has to be the Chao Mae Tuptim shrine, on the grounds of the Swissotel Nai Lert.     Now, Bangkok is full of shrines but this one is a liiittle different. For you see this is […]

Chinese New Year

          Today S and I spent the day in China Town in Bangkok, for Chinese New Year. Whilst neither of us celebrate Chinese New Year, it was nice to be a part of something so meaningful to those that do. The streets were packed full of people and many had dressed up […]

Koh Kred

Dogs bark, cars beep and then the madness of Bangkok is left behind. The gentle hum of the boat engine is your only soundtrack now, but soon your journey meets its end and you arrive at your destination.     You look around and see a bustling market to your right, and a bike stand […]

Swissôtel Nai Lert Park*

Swissôtel Nai Lert Park is a five star hotel in central Bangkok, but it may as well be in another part of Thailand altogether.     Bangkok is huge, noisy and… well… concrete. Yet when you step into Swissôtel the background noise of Bangkok dissipates, and instead what you’re left with is high rise ceilings, […]

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