A Bangkok Love Affair*

Ever since my first visit in 2012 I’ve had a total love affair with Thailand.     From the heat that scoops you up in its suffocating embrace the moment you step out of the airport, to the multitude of landscapes and eateries there are to explore, there’s much to love. Yet when I tell […]

Surviving Long Haul Economy

  Do you ever look back in your drafts and find random posts which you started and never went back to?  “Surviving Long Haul Economy” was one of those, dating all the way back to 2014. Its contents? “Make more money and fly business class instead.” Good job Amy. Solid advice. One can only assume that I […]

Where To Eat In Pattaya

As S and I clambered out of the car with sleepy legs, “where to eat in Pattaya” was the first question which crossed our minds.     We had just arrived at our hotel after a swift two hour drive from Bangkok, and as always… We were hungry.     The problem with hunger is that […]

Veranda Resort Pattaya Review

“The cure for everything is saltwater; sweat, tears or the sea” And as I didn’t really fancy an entire break of exercising or crying, a weekend at the seaside Veranda Resort was my cure of choice.     As I mentioned in my previous post S and I wanted to go down south for a […]

The Art Of Slowing Down

Slowing down in a city where you can quite literally feel the energy pulsate around you, is a pretty daunting task but one that I found completely necessary.     You see I’d be planning to go to Thailand for a while now as I had been missing Tom Yum Goong a fair deal and […]

Back In Bangkok

  From the moment my feet stepped outside of the airport doors I knew I was in trouble. The sound of traffic grew louder, the smell of hot concrete grew stronger and the familiar heat swaddled me in its ever-sticky embrace. I had landed in Bangkok and I was in trouble because in mere minutes […]

Bangkok Goodbyes

For the past week I’ve given myself the challenge of blogging everyday for a week. It was a challenge I started for two reasons.     The first was because I had been seriously neglecting my blog over the past few months and hated how out of touch with it I had become, and the […]

Siam Rice Cookery

When I first stepped foot in Thailand, I couldn’t handle an ounce of spice… Much to the amusement of S. Yet a few months in I found myself craving the feeling that spicy food gave and hooked on conquering my chilli limitations.     So during our time in Chiang Mai, I booked myself on […]

Elephant Nature Park

The first time I saw an elephant was in Chiang Mai.     I had laid eyes on elephants before then, in magazines and at the zoo – I’d even stood in front of one when I first arrived in Thailand. But it wasn’t until March 2014 when we visited the Elephant Nature Park that I actually saw an elephant… Grazing, wandering, and generally just being, an elephant. […]

Nelly’s Truth

When people go to Thailand, it’s almost a guarantee that seeing an elephant is top of their to do list. Elephant rides, elephant shows, and the obligatory elephant selfie are perpetuated widely and have become the iconic shots of the travelling world, (dis)gracing the covers of travel websites and magazines for decades. But in a […]

Chiang Mai

There are places in Thailand that everyone has heard about, and one of them is Chiang Mai.     Before I’d even set foot in Thailand it was a place that was mentioned regularly, whether it from friends that had travelled there or blogs that I read – it seemed that everyone deemed Chiang Mai […]

Railey Bay

Every year people flock to the south of Thailand to experience the warm weather, gorgeous views and array of beaches. Krabi is one of the more popular spots, but with it’s western comforts of Starbucks, McDonalds and an array of diving shops, restaurants, and local street vendors, Ao Nang seems to serve as it’s tourist […]

Diving In Koh Lipe

When I was 13, two significant things happened that have stuck with me over the years. The first, was that I very nearly almost drowned, and the second was the first time I ever tried scuba diving.     It’s not a memory I revisit often, but tiredness, cramp, and a childish passerby who thought […]

Koh Lipe

There’s two questions people ask me when they’ve heard that I spent over a year living in Thailand. The first is “OMG why did you leave?” and the second “Which was your favourite place?”     The latter isn’t actually all that easy to answer, because there are many places in Thailand I adore, but […]

Wat Rong Khun

Concrete heads hang from trees sprouting moss and grass.     A demon towers above you wielding a sword.     Hands reach up from the depths below.     This is the magical temple of Wat Rong Khun     A severe contrast to the traditional Thai temples you have seen before.     Painted […]

Koh Lanta Noi

Koh Lanta is made up of many islands, but the two most known are Koh Lanta Yai (the island which has the most going on), and Koh Lanta Noi, the lesser known of the two.     When booking to go to Koh Lanta we weren’t actually aware that there was more than one island, and to be fair, […]

Lanta Marine Park

Travelling is good for the soul. But so many people travel in a rush.     Cramming in as many excursions and tours as possible so as not to miss out on anything, but I find that if you’re constantly hopping between places, you can end up missing out on all of the hidden gems […]

Lanta Welfare Centre

Saggy skin, protruding bones and constant hunger pains. Exhausted legs after days and miles of endless searching for a scrap of food. People constantly mistaking your face of one that wants to be loved, for that of an aggressive attacker, and the result being outright cruel. Boiling water thrown at you, violent attacks, constant attempts […]

Koh Lanta Yai

Heavy lids enclose me in darkness, but with each gentle sway of the boat I slowly rock back into consciousness. Muffled voices gain clarity and as I fight the urge to slip back into a deep sleep, S gives me an excited nudge. “Babe, wake up, we’re here!”     We’re in Koh Lanta, and as I […]

Phuket’s Big Buddha

Big Buddha is one of Phuket’s most revered landmarks.     Layered with beautiful white Burmese marble and standing atop the Nakkerd hills (just in-between Kata and Chalong) at a whopping 45 metres high it is also pretty easily seen from a distance. During our scooter tour of Phuket, we saw the statue and decided that […]

Bangkok’s Best Burgers

The first few months of living in Bangkok were difficult. Not just because of the heat, the new way of life, or the language barrier, but because after years of building up a collection of my favourite food hangouts in England, moving to Bangkok put me straight back at square one. Thai food is one of, […]

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