Giggling Squid – Chichester*

Giggling Squid has recently set up a restaurant in Chichester and as somebody who is completely and utterly obsessed with Thai food, you can bet that I was first in line when they opened their doors. Almost literally, because on the 15th of June I was invited to the opening night of their Chichester branch. […]

Carbs, Cheese And A Taste Of Tuscany

Cake. I need to talk to you about cake. Specifically this cake. Otherwise known as Millefoglie Crema Chantilly e Frutti di Bosco. But before I get to that cake, I need to go back to the beginning. Because yano, that’s where stories tend to start. This particular story started on an overcast Thursday morning. As […]

The Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth*

Finding new perspectives in life is one of my favourite things to do. Whether it’s a different perspective on beliefs, politics, or just quite literally a new visual perspective, and Spinnaker Tower has one of the best locally. The Spinnaker Tower opened in 2005 and was built as part of the Portsmouth Harbour Project. Since then it […]

A Bangkok Love Affair*

Ever since my first visit in 2012 I’ve had a total love affair with Thailand.     From the heat that scoops you up in its suffocating embrace the moment you step out of the airport, to the multitude of landscapes and eateries there are to explore, there’s much to love. Yet when I tell […]

Taco Bell Southampton

Do you ever go to a launch event and find a prop which perfectly describes you at every social event, ever? No. Me neither. *whistles* The thing is, food is great. I mean, I’m sure as grown up humans who survived the first stages of infancy and went on to feed yourselves, that you are well […]

Swissôtel Nai Lert Park*

Swissôtel Nai Lert Park is a five star hotel in central Bangkok, but it may as well be in another part of Thailand altogether.     Bangkok is huge, noisy and… well… concrete. Yet when you step into Swissôtel the background noise of Bangkok dissipates, and instead what you’re left with is high rise ceilings, […]

Taste of Thailand*

When people mention Thailand, food is often one of the first things that springs to mind. A huge mixing pot of flavours, Bangkok is filled with almost every kind of food imaginable; Ice-cream, fruit, grilled meats, soup, pastry, pudding, noodles and rice dishes to go, the streets of Bangkok have it all. But sometimes having […]

Why I Chose Thailand*

As I sat around the table with friends, sipping hot chocolate, one of them turned to me and asked, “If you could travel only one country, which would it be?” It was a difficult question, and one that I hadn’t considered before, but the more I thought about it the clearer the answer became. Whilst others […]

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